Hand Luggage essentials

I’m currently on holiday! I’ve already ticked off the first stop on the journey. I’m now on my way to my home city, after spending some nice days and time with my friends in the city where I went to Uni.

No matter how I travel, by train, bus or flight, I always bring the same hand luggage essentials. These are the things I can’t function without or that I need to make the journey a lot more pleasant. Let’s take a look shall we.

Hand Luggage

Kånken backpack

I have been seen travelling with a big shoulder bag before but my favourite type of bag to use as hand luggage is of course a backpack and being Swedish I need a Kånken! They’re the perfect size to fit everything you can possibly need, easy to carry and the right size to fit under a flight seat, between your feet when travelling on a train or bus. I don’t like putting my hand luggage in the above head compartments as I need everything at hand, all the time.

Passport and tickets

I wouldn’t get very far without my passport and tickets when travelling. If it’s only a bus or train journey tickets will do but you get my point. What I do like though is my neat little travel purse where I can keep it all so I don’t have to rummage around the whole bag every time I need to show proof of idea or that I’m on the right journey.


I haven’t owned my iPad for a very long time but since buying it, I love bringing it on trips. It’s so handy as it hardly takes any space and although I can’t do much more on it than my iPhone, the size of the screen helps a lot for reading blogs or watching films, videos and TV shows. Annoyingly I have to be connected to WiFi more or less all the time. I can use my phone’s personal hotspot, but only in the UK, not abroad. If you like the case, I talk more about it in this previous post.


I love popping in headphones when I travel so I don’t have to listen to strangers next to me smacking away on a chewing gum or other random annoying noises. I like to travel in my own little world. If I’m reading a book, I still like to listen to music at the same time. I always bring my own headphones even when a screen on a flight is provided, I don’t like the ones air companies hand out.

Flamingo iPad

Reading Material

I have been really bad with my book reading lately! I mostly read blogs these days but I do miss reading novels so I need to get back in the habit. I read The Girl On The Train a while back and that was so easy to read and good, I couldn’t stop. I need to find more books like that! I’m currently reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

If I’m travelling for a long stretch or multiple journeys within a short amount of time, it’s nice to put a way all the technical gadgets and focus on paper instead. I feel like it’s a good thing for my eyes and that’s why I don’t read books on my iPad.


I find that most flights are really cold but not enough to keep a coat on or a massive jumper. I find a scarf works really well for these occasions. Even on a bus or train when some people turn on the air con but you’re cold and don’t want to get a soar throat. I usually bring a fairly big scarf that I could wrap around me as well if it gets really bad.


I have not experienced it myself, suitcases not turning up as expected after a flight but I’ve had friend and family who have and I’d be so sad if it happened to me. I’d cope but I’m better safe than sorry so I always bring a pair of clean underwear and a toothbrush in my hand luggage should my suitcase not show up on the baggage carousel. This toothbrush* is my first ever electrical toothbrush. It’s so clever hardly taking any place, cleverly disguised with a lid to keep the bristle from damaging when transporting.

Sonic Chic tooth brush

Along with these I also keep Vaseline at hand to moisturise my lips, Blistex relief cream if I travel between climate differences as I easily get cold soars, hand cream because aeroplane air is always dry and pain relief tablets as you never know when a headache can strike. Water and something to nibble on helps for that too! My phone and wallet as well, of course! But those are things I always carry with me so they don’t really count. Oh, and sunglasses if it’s summer time, like now!

What do you bring in your hand luggage? Have I missed anything out?

Jennie xx

*PR sample