Three Wise Skeletons

It’s Halloween!!! A holiday I’ve never really celebrated as it’s not common to in Sweden, or as popular in the UK as it is in the US. It’s funny when you think about it, it should be my favourite holiday of the year considering how much I love skulls. This year, I see it as an opportunity to extend my skull decor by bringing in more of them to my home, thanks to Studio. The majority of their Halloween products are skulls so it was an easy task for me to pick out my favourites.

Halloween Skull Decorations

You might remember that back in spring, I shared a wishlist which included the three wise skeletons to put on a shelf. At the time, I had no idea that Studio stock these too but glad I held off buying them at the time. Now I can happily say they’re finally mine. Don’t they look cute sitting on my desk?

Three Wise Skeletons

I’ve also added another string of fairy lights to my desk, of course full of skulls. The blue/white neon light it gives off compliments the colourful balls I already have hanging down the desk. They also give this corner a little spookier atmosphere. The more lights the better as it’s now dark when I leave in the morning and when I come home in the evening.

LED Skull Lights

Last but not least, a colour popping skull decoration. It’s a simple pop art decorated skull to give the desk a bit more colour. All my other skulls are fairly plain so fun to bring in a different type in to my home.

Pop Art Skull

In my living room, I’ve added a couple of skull and zombie decorations to my bar cart. It’s full of bottles already but I thought it could be fun with a different looking one like this zombie head decanter. Because it’s clear, you can make it look extra creepy depending on what spirit you add to it. I’ve filled mine with a grapefruit wine I bought in Paris. It’s a light red/pink colour which in my mind is the colour of a brain so suits this zombie perfectly.

Zombie Head Spirit Decanter

When it comes to measuring G&Ts I always go with eye measurement but it ends here. The perfect G&T should have one third gin and two thirds tonic water. From now on I can measure them correctly with this skull measure cup. Isn’t it cool? Made of glass with a silicon end that fits any bottle.

Skull Bottle Stopper

If you’re looking to order last minute Halloween products or anything else from Studio, don’t forget to use 089 at the checkout for free delivery.

I don’t think I’ll put away any of these Halloween skull decorations any time soon. They suit me perfectly all year round.

How are you decorating your home for Halloween? What are your thoughts on skulls?

Jennie xx

*This post is in collaboration with Studio as part of my ambassador role. All words, photos and views are as always my own.