A couple of weekends ago, myself and local Leeds bloggers glammed up to play poker in true Great Gatsby spirit. Ladbrokes had, with the help of myself and Alice, invited a 30 odd bloggers to a night on top of the world Leeds at the Double Tree by Hilton’s Sky Lounge. It was the perfect venue for a glamorous night, playing Texas Hold’em to with the chance to win £500 for charity!

Casino night at Double Tree Sky Lounge

Texas Hold’em

We were divided up between three tables, with around 8-9 of us on each. We all started off on the same amount of chips but mine disappeared very quickly. Turns out my poker skills are second to none. I used to play when I was younger, both strip poker and with copper coins but on this night, Texas Hold’em held the better hand – every time!

I believe I was one of the first out, at least on my table, together with Lauren. She did however win ‘best dressed’ on the night so I don’t think she’s too sad. Sarah, Lucinda and Carrieanne on the other hand, did really well! I’m so impressed with everyone’s poker skills. Maybe I didn’t concentrate enough, or too much? but either way I’m glad we didn’t play for real money (phew). I bought in two times and to be kind, the dealer let me buy in a third time but it didn’t help!

Texas Hold'em

Canapés, Wine and Black Jack

Half way through, we had a break and at this time, canapés and wine was already going down really well, with more to come! I felt bad for troubling the staff of always asking for ice in my wine but they happily sorted it for me. I never got a chance to try the duck canapés but the arancini was lovely, really impressive for hotel food.

Wine and canapés

During the break, we also had a chance to check out the balcony and the view over Leeds. I love a good cityscape view and Leeds is really pretty at night time. Pete, the magician joined us and though I never really got a chance to see his magic skills, I heard from everyone else he’s one of the best.

Magician and cityscape

By the time the magician had a chance to speak to me, I was busy counting cards at the Black Jack table. Just kidding, I didn’t count the cards, but I did really well and won lots of fake money. Leo certainly brought me some good luck. It’s easy to count to 21 and dare to bet high.

Black Jack

Winner of Texas Hold’em

Towards the end of the night, more and more people were knocked out in the Texas Hold’Em tournament and when there was only two left, Karl and Bryony, I joined in to see who would win the £500 towards charity. It was very tense and loads of poker chips piled up in front of them. I believe Karl went all in believing he had a strong hand, but was beaten by poker virgin Bryony who held the better hand. A massive well done to everyone making it to the last table and a big congratulations to Bryony!!!

Texas Hold'em winner

It was a fab night and I was so happy to see everyone dressing up to their teeth in Gatsby themed clothes. Bow ties, head bands, beads, faux fur, tassels and everything in between. I wore the same outfit as to our company Christmas party but yet again, no full figure images of me.

Thank you to everyone coming and for making it a wonderful evening! It was lovely seeing you and I hope to soon again. An extra thank you to the dealers for putting up with Texas Hold’em newbies. More images from the night in Ladbrokes blog post.

Jennie xx