Last week I shared a post with recent TV show recommendations and wanted to put together a similar post for good films to watch. Inspired by Amanda’s ABCs posts that she writes up at the beginning of every season, I thought I’d format my films to watch post the same way. This means 26 film recommendations for you. Let’s dive in!

ABCs of good films to watch

A Star is Born – I’ve seen two versions of this film but no doubt is the version with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper the best one. Established artist falls in love with struggling singer and convinces her to take the step into stardom. I cried many tears watching this in the cinema nearly two years ago.

Burlesque – I love this film! I love Christina Aguilera, such a good voice. This is a film I can watch over an over for all the great musical numbers and the story is quite cute as well.

Clueless – A classic teenage 90s film which I recently found out is based on Jane Austin’s book ‘Emma’. It makes so much sense now. A futuristic take with upper class girls caring more about clothes and boys than their grades and future.

Dunkirk – A World War II film depicting the Dunkirk evacuation. I’m not one much for war films but this is fantastically portrayed and filmed. Great performances from Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and Harry Styles.

Eddie the Eagle – True story about Eddie Edwards (Eddie the Eagle), the British underdog ski jumper who competed in the 1988 Olympics. Warmhearted and fun film.

Five Feet Apart – A drama about two teenagers with cystic fibrosis who meet in hospital and fall in love. Due to their condition they’re not allowed physical contact and must stay six feet apart. To find out why the title says five and not six feet, watch it! But, be prepared with tissues.

Grease 1&2 – Probably an unpopular opinion but I actually think the second Grease film is better than the first. Most likely because I watched the second one before the first. Also because I like the story more being the guy having to “change” to get the girl. And I prefer the songs. I used to sing Cool Rider at home pretending to be Michelle Pfeiffer.

Hustlers – I knew I wanted to watch this when I saw the trailer a while back. As soon as it came out on Amazon Prime I watched it. It’s not as good as I thought but I am a sucker for a film based on a true story. Jennifer Lopez is amazing in it, playing the top money earner at the strip club. She looks amazing too. How is she in her 50s??!!

In Time – Science fiction film predicting that in the future, people stop ageing at 25 and after that have to work to earn time in order to live longer. The time is calculated with a chip placed in the arm. Justin Timberlake’s character has too much time so need to run from the police to save his life.

Joker – My favourite film from last year. I had high expectations and they all met up. It’s about time the superhero film genre dips into the darker side of them and highlight why someone like Joker turned out the way he did. Sadly, there will be so many people like him suffering and struggling like this in real life. A great film all round but the interpretation Joaquin Phoenix portraits is astonishing. Well deserved Oscars and other awards.

Kingsman: The Secret Service – This film blew my mind, so good. A spy action comedy film where ‘Eggsy’ is recruited and trained by a secret spy organisation to tackle a global threat.

Love Actually – I know it’s not Christmas now but it’ll come around fast enough. Love Actually is my favourite Christmas film ever. I love all the stories and how they all come together. Also, Hugh Grant for prime minister, right?!

Meet Joe Black – Brad Pitt dies in a terrible car accident just after meeting the love of his life. Tragic but don’t worry, he comes back playing death. It’s soon time for the love of his life’s dad to pass so he’s struck up a deal. He’s invited himself to hang with the family on order for the dad to live a couple of more days longer. It’s a love drama with lots of laughs as Brad Pitt’s character tries things for the first time. Never has eating peanut butter looked so sexy.

Notting Hill – I think this is my favourite British comedy. I’ve watched it so many times! A British gentleman meets American megastar actress and falls in love. This film has so many great actors, lines and scenes leaving you laughing all the way through.

Once – An Irish romantic musical where two struggling sing song writers meet, fall in love and starts writing music together. Both the songs and the story are great.

Paddington 1&2 – These films are the cutest. Follow Paddington’s journey leaving his wild life home to find a new home in London. The truly British family (the Browns) takes him in and even if they’re off to a rocky start (not everyone is convinced) they have some great adventures together.

Quantum of Solace – The 22nd film in the James Bond series. It’s not my favourite of Bond films but the only one that begins with a Q. It does see Daniel Craig as James Bond and I definitely think he’s the best James Bond we’ve had.

Requiem for a Dream – I’ve not watched this film in a very long time. It’s currently available on Amazon Prime. Give it a watch if you like dark films with no light of happiness at any point. Jared Leto is in it, looking his dreamy self as always.

17 Again – Probably my favourite film starring Zach Efron. He plays the 17 year old version of Matthew Perry’s character who gets a chance to go back in time to re-discover himself. Great comedy!

The Greatest Showman – A film I had to watch a second time as soon as I’d watch it for the first time. This loosely based on true characters musical film is brilliant. So many great songs and the story is fantastic. I need to watch it again.

(6) Underground – Available on Netflix, this film caught my eye (more so Ryan Reynolds) and I really enjoyed it. After faking his own death, tech billionaire recruits a team to take down a dictator. It’s bloody, brutal and brilliant.

Victoria & Abdul – A true story about Queen Victoria and Indian clerk Abdul who forms a friendship when Abdul came to visit from India. A nice story and another great performance by Judi Dench.

Wild Rose – Set in Scotland, a single mum trying to live her dream of becoming a famous country singer. Juggling motherhood, a cleaning job and gigs at the local she finally gets her chance to go to Nashville. If you like me love country music, this film is for you!

X-Men – Action packed films with mutant super heroes and villains battling it out. Now and again I like watching superhero films and actions and the X-Men series is one of the better.

Yesterday – The only film listed here which I haven’t myself yet watched but I want to. I love the Beatles and the story sounds so silly not to be good. Only one person remembers the Beatles after waking up in an alternate world and as a sing song writer, he takes the chance to use their music to become famous.

Zoolander – Anyone remember this? A silly comedy about an ex male model of the year who gets tied up in murder drama when starting to work for an up-and-coming clothes designer. The usual comedy suspects like Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson stars in this film. Keep your eyes open to also spot dreamy Alexander Skarsgård.

That’s my abcs of films to watch. It wasn’t easy to put together as there are so many other great films out there but they begin with the same letter as ones already in the list. Have you spotted a favourite of yours in the list? Any of the above films that you’re yet to watch?

Jennie xx