Goals for 2018

We’re already half way into January and compared to other bloggers I follow, I’m very late with posting my goals for this year. It’s still 50 weeks left of the year so I should have plenty of time to reach them. Just because I haven’t posted about my goals until now, I’ve already started to plan for them. I’m really excited about this year’s goals, I think there’s a good mix in the bag. Here they are, my personal and blog goals for 2018.

Personal Goals

Pay off Citizenship Application

Last year’s goal was to complete and send in my UK citizenship application, which I did. I now have to pay it off which means I won’t be going on any trips abroad this year apart from Sweden in the summer. I’m going to treat myself to a mini holiday in London as well with a couple of friends but that’s it. The citizenship application is expensive and I have a plan to pay it off this year, the sooner the better. I best get approved, ha!

Eat Healthier

Last year, I really got back into fitness and I’m now a regular gym goer attending most weekday mornings. I do feel a lot better for it and also by quitting eating snacks, cakes and other nibbles offered in the office. I managed to finish 2017 snack free from office offers so I’m sticking by it this year too. I’m also hoping to cut it out completely, meaning no snacks at home either. It’s only a waste of my money to be honest. I also want to make sure I eat better meals and home cooked food more. I won’t turn down going out for a meal but I know I can and should eat better food in between.

Acai bowl

Give Blood

I’ve given blood before, I’m registered but I fear that because I haven’t been for over five years I’ll have to re-register. I don’t mind! I stopped when I changed jobs and couldn’t make the opening hours anymore. Now that I’ve found out they’re open on Saturdays as well, there’s no reason for me not to take it up again. Who’s with me?

Make a Start on a Tattoo Sleeve

I’ve been wanting to get a sleeve tattoo for a very long time but only last year did I start to think about how I actually want it to look like. This year I’m turning very old and it’s an evenish number so why not treat myself. I won’t reveal anything about the tattoo just yet, only that I’ve noted down what I want, style, colours and researching potential, local artists who can do it. It’s been a while since my last tattoo so I want to get moving with this.

Apple skull tattoo in black and white

Blog Goals

Revamp the Blog

I feel like it’s time for a little makeover on here. I’m not planning on any drastic changes, simply make it more inviting. I’m thinking a new logo, and slightly different layout. If you know anyone who creates bespoke blogger logos, send me their details and I’ll hopefully be in touch to discuss design ideas.

Set Up Pinterest

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now. I’ve heard other bloggers talk about how good it is for blog traffic, I’ve read the same thing and I’ve got friends who’s experienced it. I’d like some more traffic to my blog (who doesn’t?) so I’m going to book out a full day to start from scratch and set up Pinterest. Please send me links to articles and blog post with guides on how to do it right.

Gain 2,000 Followers on Instagram & 4,000 on Twitter

I really hope this is an achievable goal but I don’t know. I’ve struggled with Instagram since summer. Probably only gained 100 followers in total with all the ups and downs. I’m roughly 650 away from my end of year goal but I’m determined to make it happen. Twitter seems to be ticking on nicely so another 1,500 or so followers is doable. If you’ve got any tips on how I can make either or both happen, let me know in the comment section below. And if you’re not already, you can follow me here and here.

What goals have you set yourself this year?

Jennie xx