Goals for 2016

I read posts about blogging goals all the time and even more so during the transition from 2015 to 2016. All these posts have inspired me to set my own goals, both personal and blog goals for 2016. It’s a difficult post to write as I really need to think about what it is I want to achieve and if I’m capable to reach it. Still, an important post which I hope will encourage me to be a better blogger (in my own eyes). So, here it is!

Personal Goals for 2016

Take more pictures

I love photography but I miss it! Since my iPhone 6 takes great images, especially after being easily edited in apps, I’ve become lazy when it comes to bringing my DSLR to various places. I find my camera being very big and clunky so it’s not like I want to walk around with it in my bag, ready to use. I know I miss out on opportunities because of this, so therefore I’ve advertised to sell it on e-Bay. I’m hoping to get a few pennies for it so that I can invest in a smaller, more practical camera, which I will bring everywhere.

Once I have invested in a new camera (not giving away what I’d like but I’m pretty sure you can all guess) I’ll also be setting myself some targets and different focus areas for each month. I’m keeping these for myself a bit longer too, as I don’t want you to steel my ideas 😉 These focus areas will hopefully make interesting blog posts and the skills will improve my blogging images too.

Nikon D3100 Kit

Be more adventurous

I wouldn’t say I’m a boring person who isn’t up for trying new things, explore new places or spending more time outdoors, but I do feel there is always room for more improvement on this. Last year I went to a couple of blogging events which made me step out of my comfort zone, meeting new people and seeing new places. I hope to do more of this in 2016!

Strengthen my body

I’ll keep up my running and hopefully I can extend it so I’ll do it three times a week instead of two. I’d like to sign up to more runs. I’ve done the 10k runs that Leeds offer and last year I was able to knock down my personal best by 7 minutes. I’m very pleased with that and I hope I can do even better this year. I want to do some core exercise! I need to strengthen up my body posture which will inevitably improve my running.

I’m a firm believer that if I have more physical energy I will also be able to focus better on other things I do, like blogging.

Running clothes and shoes

Blog Goals for 2016


I had a break from blogging last year, for 2 whole months. I was not in the right frame of mind as my head was too occupied. Once that settled I realised how good blogging is for me, it gives me a chance to focus on me, and only me. I mostly write my blog for my own sake, it’s like a diary where I keep all the good things that happen to me.

Saying that, I haven’t written many personal posts, hardly any to be honest but I fee like I want to keep those to myself and if I need someone to listen I talk to my friends. However, I would like for my blog to be more personal. I noticed at the end of last year that I’ve started to show you my personality in my posts and I’m not scared of what others think. To be fair, I’m quite humble when it comes to most things but I also believe that you should speak your mind, so if I come across something I don’t like, you will know.

Weekly Update

I will stick to 2-3 posts per week, one being my Weekly Updates but also two more interesting posts. Sticking to this, I feel I have enough time to put good effort in all of the posts. Working full time and also having a life outside of work won’t let me post more often.

I want to have a bank of possible posts which I can pick from in case I’m stuck for ideas one week. When I have an idea, I need to start writing it down. I might bring a little notebook everywhere I go. I always think keeping it in my head is enough but I know it’s not, I forget as easily as I get a new idea.

As mentioned in my personal goals I want to continue going to blogging events, exploring and meeting new people. I’m a peoples’ person and I love to hear other people’s stories. I’m thankful for all the opportunities blogging has given me so far so I don’t want that to stop now.

For my blog, numbers aren’t that important but I was really pleased to see that my DA went from 12 to 18 at the end of the year. I know Moz isn’t the best of judgements but I feel like I’m doing something right. For 2016, I’d like to reach a DA above 20 and in terms for more numbers, people following me on Facebook and Bloglovin is only a lovely bonus.


I love Instagram but I also know it’s a really competitative social media to be on. I love photography and I do believe that images says more than words, at least digital words when you can’t hear the tone of voice the person is using.

I have increased my number of followers fairly well but I’m nowhere near some of the most influential bloggers. I’ve only got 287 as we speak but it’s not long ago I was dead happy to reach 250. Ideally I’d like to have around 750 followers by the end of this year. Join my life in images here.

Instagram Collage


Twitter is simple! I like it and this is probably the medium I use the most to find new blogs to read, find new trends and ideas when it comes to blogging. It’s a great medium to help follow what’s going on in different communities, in your own city, what brands are up to etc. Yeah, the list could go on.

Last year I had a goal of gaining 750 followers and I sure did! I almost hit the 800 benchmark before the end of the year. In 2016 I would like to end on 1700, which is an increase with 1000 in the next 12 months. I hope it’s doable and if you want to follow you can do so here.

I need to improve on promoting my blog on Twitter so I will promise to schedule more tweets, at least five per post but also push out posts from the archives. Most of them aren’t time sensitive so it would only make sense.

Chats are great to meet new fellow bloggers, give support and just have a nice conversation. I’m hoping to join more chats this year, but it’s hard. Some of them are on times when I’m busy doing other things so I will write down the times of the ones I’d like to take part in. Surely that will make me take time to join in.

lifestyledbyj Twitter

This post ended up being a lot longer than I thought. I truly think all these goals are achievable and I’ll slap myself on the fingers if I don’t live up to them. I shall check in on this half way through the year and give an update on where I’m at.

What are your personal and social goals for 2016? Let me know in comments below!

Jennie xx