Fitness Friend Gift Guide

Looking for gift suggestions for friends who are in to fitness? Since starting my PT sessions a couple of months ago I’ve tried out some new products which I love. I think other gym goers would appreciate these products in their stockings or under the Christmas tree. Here’s my gift guide for your fitness friends.

Fitness Friend Gift Guide Grenade Protein Bars Sudio Headphones Just Strong t-shirt Fit Kit Shower Gel The Laundress Sport Detergent

1. Fit Kit Shower Gel*

Looking at the packaging of this body wash you might think it’s a smoothie but no, it’s a post workout shower gel to help sooth your muscles. With its clip it’s perfect to hang on your gym bag to free up space for gym gear and other workout essentials. This is for muscle cooling which has a peppermint scent. After using it your whole body feels exactly like your mouth does after you’ve brushed your teeth. The colour of the body wash isn’t very appealing (black) but once rubbed in, the foam turns white/clear.  I’ve also tried their Skin Soothing which smells fresh of citrus flavours but it’s olive oil ingredient is what makes your skin feel soft and smooth. I also got a sample of their Clear Breathing which you’re meant to inhale whilst rubbing into your skin and let me tell you it was amazing. Definitely a good one if you’re sensing a bit of a cold. I really hope they’ll make it as a bubble bath as in a hot bath, you’d have more time to think about your breathing.

2. Grenade Protein Bars

There are load of brands out there who make protein bars but my personal favourite is Grenade. Perhaps more marketed towards men but who cares, anyone can enjoy them. They come in several flavours such as Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Jaffa Quake, Peanut Nutter, Gingerbread for Christmas and more. One of their bestselling flavour is Birthday Cake which I love. Some might think it’s gets a bit too sweet but I love it from start till end, white chocolate coating with colourful sprinkles. My absolute favourite though is Dark Chocolate Mint – it tastes exactly like after eight so if you love those, these will be your favourites too. Dark chocolate coating with a layer of mint inside. Yummy and healthy too. Each bar is around 200ish calories with 22 gram protein.

3. Sudio Headphones*

I knew I’d hear the word Sudio before and it’s exactly where Sudio got their name from Phil Collins’ ‘Sussudio’ song. You humming on it right now? Sudio is a Swedish brand with minimalistic design focusing on the performance of the product. Sudio sell several types of headphones and these are called TIO, wireless headphones. They’re great for people who run as there’s no risk getting tangled up and they’re super easy to set up with your phone. There are three buttons serving as power on and off, bluetooth connection to your phone and volume, fast forward etc. I really like these headphones, mostly because of the earpieces. Normally my ears start to heart quickly but these are the perfect size and shape for mine.

4. The Laundress Sport Detergent

I don’t know about you but I find that even though I was my gym gear after every wear, they never come out smelling brand new, there’s always a lingering sweat smell there. I have tried different washing powders but none make a difference. After some research and found this American brand – The Laundress – which develop lots of different washing products for various problem areas. Selfridges is one of their resellers here in the UK and though pricey (£18) it’s worth it. After only one wash and all my gym wear smells nice again.

5. Just Strong Activewear*

Just Strong is an activewear brand who wants to empower and encourage all women to become strong. Becoming strong is definitely something I’m working on at the gym at the moment, but also as a person in general. I find that going to the gym helps both physically and mentally so why not show it off in gym clothes with fun statements? I got this Muscles and Makeup t-shirt. Normally I say no to makeup in the gym but as my PT sessions are straight after work, I have to. Thank goodness for water ans sweat proof mascara. You get 10% off products via this link (affiliate).

What is on your Christmas wishlist this year? Do you know have any fitness friends who’d like any of these gifts?

Jennie xx

*PR gifts. These products were sent to me in return for a blog feature. All photos, words and views are as always my own.