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When’s your skin at its worst? Mine’s at winter time. Especially on Sundays when I’ve treated myself to fatty food and alcoholic drinks during Friday and Saturday. I realised this when I recently went to try out Clarins’ Beauty Bar in John Lewis in Leeds. I went in on a Sunday afternoon after two heavy nights of socialising and drinking so instead of having a planned DeStress Express treatment, I had the Get Glowing treatment*.

First impressions of Clarins’ Beauty Bar

Clarins Beauty Products

The Clarins’ counter immediately draws you in with its white fresh furniture and colourfully designed bottles and products. Behind the counters, an area is sectioned off where the beauty bar is located. Stepping in here, without having to close a door, the noise and hustle and bustle from a massive shopping centre is immediately shut out. I felt very relaxed before even beginning my treatment.

The Get Glowing Treatment

Clarins Beauty Bar Chairs Clarins John Lewis

Alice took well care of me and I had the best 30 minutes I’ve had in a very long time. It’s very rare that I take the time to  relax for 30 min straight not watching TV, reading, scrolling through social media, writing blog posts etc. The only time I’m not being active is when I’m asleep so this time out was well needed.

Alice started off by asking me what products i currently use and how. She took a look at my skin and also touched it at various points in my face to get an idea of which of the 8 different treatments on offer I would benefit most from. On this occasion that was the Get Glowing treatment.

Personally I do feel like I’ve got quite a good skin. It’s very rare that I get any breakouts and thankfully the cold sores pop up further in between than previously. Still, I could be more kind to my skin than I am and I guess that sometimes, especially during autumn and winter time, it looks gloomy. The Get Glowing treatment is exactly what I needed.

Alice started off by gently removing my eye make up and the proceeded using a lot of different products on my face and cleansing it twice. As part of the 30 minute treatment, I was also left to relax all on my own for a couple of minutes. During the Clarins treatment, I realised that I use far to much force removing makeup and applying moisturiser. I need to treat it more like a gentle massage.

I don’t remember all the procedures or the products used but they all smell so nice: fresh, fruity and flowery. Clarins use a lot of plant extracts in their products, such as avocado, goji berry, quinoa and turmeric. All which are said to be healthy to eat as well.


Clarins Facial Products

I felt very relaxed after the treatment and my skin immediately looked a lot more perkier and colourful. I remember thinking that my skin looked so fresh and clean I wouldn’t need as much makeup on as I normally use. The skin also felt very clean, despite all the products applied to it. I have a bag full of samples, along with instructions, left to try from my session at home. The ones I really like, I have a feeling will go on this year’s Christmas wishlist. Or maybe a full spa treatment which Clarins also offer, on the second floor in John Lewis.

Have you ever been to one of Clarins’ Beauty Bars? Do you use any of Clarins’ products?

Jennie xx

*I was invited to visit Clarins’ Beauty Bar and try their Get Glowing facial treatment in exchange for this post. All views are my own.