Pastille Gel Manicure

I have short nails. I don’t bite my nails but I need to keep them short as I feel they’re in the way otherwise and I can’t get stuck in with whatever I’m doing. I’m not sure why I have have always had short nails but I suppose it suits my chubby little sausage fingers the best.

I did like the idea of long nails at one point so after trying out fake nails for a while I tried growing mine out. They looked really nice and kept well but when I looked back on photos, I looked like an old little lady. No offence to old ladies, my grandmother was the best, but I’m too young to look like that already.

Anyway, having short nails, I never thought a gel manicure was for me. Everyone else I’ve seen have it done usually have long elegant fingers and nails. I was wrong! Gel nails are for everyone and thanks to Pastille, the cutest beauty bar in Leeds, I know that now. 

Pastille beauty bar outside

The other week, Pastille celebrated turning three years old and I was invited. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend their birthday party but as the celebrations lasted over a whole week, they invited me for a nail treatment mid-week instead. Not only did they treat me to a gel manicure* but they also gave my mum a little discount on her manicure treatment too. Ever so sweet! I brought my mum as she wanted to have her nails done whilst visiting from Sweden so why not try a new place? I had the Gel Mani and my mum the Pastille Mani.

Pastille beauty bar inside

We got there a bit early which gave me time to snap some pictures of the cute place. It’s a small salon but they still have room for four people to have manicures done at the same time, two to have pedicures (in what looks like very cosy chairs) and one for facial treatments. I love the interiors: fresh and soothing atmosphere with white walls and pastel colour details.

Pastille has a great offering on treatments, colour options and design you’d like on your nails. I quickly picked out the glittery gel options (I must have been in a sparkly mood that day) and got very indecisive on which to pick and if I should go for it on all nails or only on a few. In the end, I decided to go with my first instinct of having all nails in the same colour, the most sparkly gel polish I could find – ‘Girls Night Out’.

Pastille nail polish

The treatment went really quick and the girl who did my nails was so good. She was very patient with me as I kept forgetting to relax my hands and also to keep my fingers flat under the heat lamp. I’m so bad at getting my nails done, ha! It all worked out well in the end and opposite to a regular manicure, my nails where dry as soon as they came out of the heat lamp. I normally mess up my nails within a couple of minutes after having them done but not this time. It’s almost been a whole week and they still look like new. It took me a while getting used to them being a bit thicker than normal and I really hope I won’t be tempted to peel off the varnish when the nails have grown out a bit.

Gel Manicure

I’ve heard of Pastille Beauty Bar before but never really realised where they’re at (Granary Wharf) and that I should go there to have my nails done. I’m so happy to have visited and I’ll definitely be back. If you have a look at their Instagram you’ll see why. So many adorable nail designs that I’d love to wear, all at once!!! I don’t have my nails done often but after discovering gel manicure, I’m tempted to make it a regular thing.

Where do you go to have your nails done? Have you ever tried a gel manicure?

Jennie xx

*Complimentary treatment. All views are my own