Fumo olives and tapenade

I love Italian food! It’s so simple, yet so delicious. I could live on pasta if I had to (I almost already do). Still, it’s rare that I actually go out to eat Italian food but at the#FRSMeetUp and #sleepwellshopwell event last weekend we indulged in amazing Italian food.

Fumo Restaurant

Fumo outside

Fumo is part of the San Carlo restaurant group. They have one restaurant in Birmingham and one in Manchester, which we went to. You can tell from the outside that it is, in my eyes, a posh place but I didn’t realise how massive it is before we stepped inside. Our table was reserved at the top floor so we had to walk through the restaurant and between guests’ tables to get there. You can imagine the heads were turning when 20 girls walked through the room, I felt a bit awkward.

The tables were already set out with olives and tapenade when we sat down. Since we were all hungry, we digged in straight away. Our glasses started to fill up with wine as well but I had to be the awkward one to ask for rosé instead of red or white. This wasn’t a problem at all. All the waiters were very accommodating, making sure we had a great time the whole evening.

I also enjoyed the décor with massive sea creature inspired lamps, white stone tables, dark green walls and wooden details.

Fumo interior

Fumo Food

Everything had been prearranged so that we were able to try most of the dishes from the menu. Instead of ordering ourselves the food came out on sharing plates for us all to try from. Dish after dish, until the table was so full we had to make sure to eat so that used plates could be taken out.

I don’t really have to tell you that the food was amazing, that’s a given. I don’t even know half of the names of the dishes that came out on the plates but I made sure to take pictures of all of them as they tasted and looked amazing. I’ve only picked out some of my favourites here as this post would be miles long otherwise.

Fumo starters

After a while we started to get full and left a lot of food uneaten when the waiter came and asked if we were ready for the mains. I couldn’t believe it, non of us could. More food came out and because it was so lovely there was no way we couldn’t taste it all. I kept eating as if I’d not seen food ever before.

Fumo mains

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten this much food in one go before. I wouldn’t recommend doing it but I would definitely recommend paying Fumo a visit for a ‘normal’ three course meal. I would go back for the aubergine starter, a pasta dish for my main and finish it all off with the ridiculously delicious Ferrero Rocher inspired desert. I was very tempted to lick the bowl but meeting most of the company for the first time I decided against it.

Fumo desert

I had a lovely evening meeting everyone and getting a chance to speak a bit more to some of the other blogging girls I’ve never met before. When the music started playing as if we were in a night club and we had enough energy to walk and felt refreshed it was time to leave and head out for more drinks.

Have you been to Fumo? What did you eat and what was your experience?

Jennie xx