The Light in Leeds

When I first moved to Leeds I saw The Light as a shopping centre. Sure, it had a couple of food places and the cinema on the top floor. Over the years and especially in the last couple, The Light has gone to mainly host restaurants but the cinema is of course still present. A dinner and movie is a nice date night so it makes perfect sense.

I’ve only tried a couple of restaurants in The Light before but during a restaurant hop at the end of last year, I discovered there’s a lot of options to choose from. The restaurants in The Light offer everything from Jamaican jerk chicken to British fish and chips. A great option if you want to enjoy everything from cocktails to dessert, all under one roof.

George’s Great British Kitchen

We started the night over a cocktail in George’s Great British Kitchen. It’s a really nice restaurant, a lot classier than I had imagined knowing it serves food like fish and chips. The seaside beach huts which you can book out to sit in are super cute. Next time I want to come here and try out their desserts. If they’re anything like the cocktails, I’m in for a treat.

Candy Annie George's Great British Kitchen cocktails

Choosing drinks and food not only by taste but also by presentation has become a thing lately. I do blame Instagram and you might think I’m cray and not always doing this but no, taste comes first. It’s hard to find a good combination but look at these candy floss cocktails – how cool are they?! It taste lovely as well, like rhubarb and custard. Not to make it too sweet there’s lemon and passion fruit juice in it as well. the candy floss can be enjoyed on it’s own or stirred into the drink. Remember, it dissolves.

Fire Lake

This is the restaurant I’d definitely come back to for a full 3-course meal, or even afternoon tea. Differentiated from the hotel it situates in, Fire Lake has a Minnesota/Yorkshire theme. Fire in the restaurant name is well represented.ย It’s a grill house with theatre cooking and the cocktail bar has a fire pit. The american menu is served with a Yorkshire twist and the head chef likes to play with opposites like sweet and savoury, combining them both in the same dish.

Fire Lake kitchen Smoked Trout Salad

I really enjoyed the Smoked Trout with apple and maple syrup salad which showed proof of just those tastes. The maple syrup and apple playing the sweet part against the salty fish. A perfectly light starter making your taste buds dance.

Mini cocktails

We also got to try a couple of cocktails from the bar, in mini format. I tell you these mini cocktails is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. The Baby Bramble being my favourite but I do love anything lemon flavoured so the “When Life Gives You Lemons” went down nicely as well.


I wroteย a post not long ago about this meat heaven and the second visit was as delicious, albeit much shorter. I didn’t have time to enjoy all the meats again but I knew which meats not to miss out on. Picanha, cap of rump, is by far still my favourite. I think that there is another visit due in March when my parents are coming over for a visit.

Turtle Bay

I’ve been to Turtle Bay once before and that time I was too full for dessert so it was nice trying something different on this visit. I was quite full ready after all the above to be fair and that’s why I went for something fresh – Passion Pie. The rest of the pudding menu is very chocolate and rum focused which also sounds nice but I’d save that for another day when I’m not as full.

Anyway, the Passion Pie was lovely and refreshing. Sweet pastry at the bottom, topped with passion fruit curd, soft meringue and finished with passion fruit sauce.

Turtle Bay pudding menu Passion Pie

The Light did a similar evening for the public, going from restaurant to restaurant. That night had a twist, incorporating a murder mystery event. If you like the idea of restaurant hopping in The Light in Leeds, check out their website for news and events going on or simply decide your own route. There’s plenty more restaurants to enjoy like Miller & Carter and Browns to name a few.

Have you done restaurant hopping before or has it mainly been bar crawls? Which is your favourite restaurant in The Light?

Jennie xx

*I was kindly invited along to this evening by Carousel PR in return for this review. All views are my own.