OnRoundhay street food

Who else is excited for John Lewis to soon open up in Leeds? The date has been set later this October but we’ll already see them this month. John Lewis has partnered up with Leeds Indie Food and OnRoundhay for a festive day in Roundhay Park next weekend (17th September) – eek! OnRoundhay Festival, will be the only festival I’ll attend this year but I have a feeling it’ll be a good one. Live music, family friendly activities and most importantl, mouthwatering food. Can it get any better? Here’s where you’ll find me on the day if you’re going (psst, you totally should!).

UPDATE! Unfortunately, some of the street food vendors mentioned in this post (names with a line through) will no longer attend, due to various reasons. It’s a shame but their spaces have been filled with other great foods so I won’t go hungry on the day, yippie, Also, if you do fancy trying any of these mentioned, check out their websites as they will have calendars notifying where to find them. I truly hope to come across most one day.

Bánh mì Booth

When I saw the picture of this spiced tofu baguette, I knew it is something I HAVE to eat. Bánh mì Booth is a Vietnamese street food producer, based in Yorkshire, who apart from baguettes also serve noodles and dumplings. Oh my goodness, give me dumplings now!

Bánh mì Booth*image courtesy of I Like Press


True to my seafood I have to be! All the variations of deep fried crab food from the Crabbieshack sound delicious: burger, salad and crab cake. I don’t think I have to elaborate further on this… I’m sure Leeds and Roundhay will give this London based street food van a warm welcome!

Crabbieshack*image courtesy of I Like Press

Manjit’s Kitchen

I’m not shy for ordering vegetarian food when I’m out. Sometimes I have to say the vegetarian options sound better than the meaty dishes. I do love my meat but I also love exploring more vegetarian dishes that I’d never make at home. I’m excited to try the food from Manjit’s Kitchen, to me it looks amazing based on their colourful van, ha! If they’re anything like Bundobust then I’m all ears!

Manjit's Kitchen*image courtesy of I Like Press

Madeleine Express

I’ve got a sweet tooth, no need to lie. Doesn’t these cakes from Madeleine Express look delicious??? And how cute is their van? My mouth is watering right now, I can’t wait! It will be a perfect end to the day, balancing out the body with something sweet after pumping it full with lots of savoury food.

Madeleine Express*image courtesy of I Like Press

What are you most looking forward to at OnRoundhay festival? Looks like it’s food for me, ha, no surprise there. There will be lots of activities and live music to enjoy in between all the meals and I’m excited to find out what exactly. If you’re thinking of going, get your tickets here and hope for a nice September day!

Jennie xx