Flamingo Stationary

So, I don’t think anyone’s missed I love flamingos and have at least one item in each room featuring this pink bird. I can’t say for sure when my love for them started but it’s safe to say that the world has caught on. Latest to release a whole collection of flamingo themed products is Paperchase. As if my love for stationary wasn’t there already, Glamingo is amazing and I wouldn’t mind getting my claws on some of these.

Flamingo Stationary wishlist

1. I’ve already got one of these water bottles at work but it’s getting old and dull. 50p in Primark on the sales. I think it’s time for an update and this cup would make me so happy to look at every day.

2. I need more lunch boxes, I’m very limited. I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable using these boxes, don’t want to ruin them but as long as it’s no tomato based food, I could get away with it. Or I could simply use them for storage.

3. Washi Tape. We all love washi tape and especially when it’s tropical themed. Look at the yellow one with pink flamingos on – love, love love!

4. I’ve already got a pink rubber shaped like a hippo and I love it. My friend and I bought one each from Flying Tiger years and years ago and it’s still one of my favourite interior pieces. I would love for this flamingo to join him, they’d look the perfect pair!

5. I don’t need a hip flask. I can’t see myself using it but this look so lovely. It would look good on my drinks trolley if nothing else.

6. I could really do with a pad like this at work to get a bit more organised. Currently I’m only using one notepad which I make notes in for every meeting i attend, which leaves my to do list difficult to find. With a pad like this I could get a better overview and wouldn’t it look lovely on my desk – #officegoals!

7. How cute are these paper clips? I need some for my current bullet journaling as two ribbons isn’t enough marking common used pages. These flamingo paper clips sure would help and also make my journal look pretty.

8. I forever leave my sunglasses bare in my bags and then curse myself when they scratch. I would never leave my normal glasses like that, they I protect using glasses case so why wouldn’t I with my sunglasses. Well, I don’t want to carry around a big box and sometimes I only wear small bags but this case might change my mind. Love it!

Have you got an obsessions over an animal, print or similar like I have for flamingos? Have you spotted any other stationary brands with flamingo related products for me to lust over?

Jennie xx