OnRoundhay festival

Wow, September has treated us with some gorgeous weather. I’m prepared to say September is the best summer month here in Leeds and on Saturday, it was as gorgeous as ever, making OnRoundhay the perfect way to finish off summer.

This was the first year running for OnRoundhay so I didn’t know what to expect in detail more than there would be lots of food, music and activities going on. I honestly think they’ve outdone themselves: it was well planned, the set up looked gorgeous and there was plenty of stuff to get on with, making the day go really quickly. I was lucky enough to go with Louise and Gabby – a long overdue catch-up with these lovely ladies!. Here’s what we got up to.

We made cute bow headbands

We knew that there would be lots of activities for children and they’d accommodated really well for them. I’d love to be a kid again and join in on ALL the activities. Sadly we couldn’t but we managed to get away with making lovely bow headbands. They’re the perfect festival accessory and not only did we look amazing (we got lots of compliments and looks of awe), we were easy to spot as well. With so many people attending (did I here 10,000 tickets were sold) it was crucial.

Bow Headbands

We chilled in the sun listening to music

If only every day could be sunny and have live music streaming out. It was so nice sitting on the green grass, enjoying the gorgeous weather, people spotting, having a natter and listening to some cool bands. The Haggis Horns were really cool, kind of jazzy in an upbeat way which I really liked and it was a perfect afternoon pick us up.

Festival vibe

We ate delicious street food

One part which I got really excited about when I knew I was going to OnRoundhay was the all the street food vans attending on the day. I mentioned a few in a previous post and out of those i managed to get myself hands on a crab burger. Louise had met one of the guys working at the CrabbieShack on her night out the evening before so we got a little discount – whoop! It was such a good burger, so light and fresh and gorgeous topping with chilli, coriander, pickled cucumbers and wasabi mayonnaise.

Later in the evening, I got hungry again so went to queue for a while hoping to try Yakumama’s chips. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly!, they had sold out on the day so I opted for the cauliflower tacos instead and they were amazing too so I definitely didn’t lose out.

OnRoundhay street food

We did a cooking class with Liz Cottam (MasterChef)

When we first arrived to the festival and did a lap around the area to scope out what was going on, we got stopped outside one of John Lewis’ set ups and asked if we’d like to take part in a cookery class later in the day. We happily signed up and got really excited as the day went on that we’d be learning how to cook with Liz Cottam, semifinalist in this year’s MasterChef.

Since we only had an hour in total, Liz had prepared quite a lot already but we got to make the Pomme Annas, the chicken sausage and cook some of the vegetables. We were talked through all the other bits she’d prepared and of course got to eat it all at the end. It was so freaking good! I really want to visit The New Ellington Hotel here in Leeds where she’ll be serving food in October and November.

Liz Cottam cookery class

We ordered drinks in the press area

I felt very important having a press ticket and it did give us the advantage of being able to go to the press bar which hardly had any queues so we could get drinks quickly. I was enjoying gin and tonics through out the day and a glass of prosecco because… why not?! The press section was set up to the side of the festival area which was a shame but it looked really nice with all the bunting and cool lights, especially in the evening time.

Onroundhay press area

We danced the night away

I hadn’t heard of any of the bands performing prior to going. Primal Scream who where playing when we did our cooking class with Liz seemed to be really popular and I might have heard a song or two by them before. The headlining band, and finishing act of the evening was James. I’ve never heard of them before either but was told I’d know songs by them. This turned out to be wrong, I know only one! It’s a good one though so I did get to dance a bit too. Fab way to finish off the day and this year’s summer.

James OnRoundhay

I’m sure OnRoundhay festival will be back again next year, after such a successful day it would be daft not to and I can only but recommend going. The only thing I wish they’ll improve is the way the street food vans were placed out. Some of them were a bit hidden but I do hope they got lots of people queuing up for delicious food, just as the main vans in sight.

Major thank you to the organisers of OnRoundhay and special thanks to I Like Press for inviting me! Did you go to OnRoundhay festival this year?

Jennie xx