Life Styled by Jennie logo

So, it’s finally time for me to start an English blog. I have decided to stop blogging in Swedish and instead use the fabulous language most of us understand, English. From now on, you can follow my adventures here on Life Styled by Jennie.

Why an English blog?

I’ve lived in England for five and a half years now so I feel like it is a natural step for me to blog in the language I use every day. As I’m writing this it seems silly that I didn’t start blogging in English sooner. I’m not as confident writing in English as I am speaking it so that might have been one of the previous setbacks but now I’m ready! I hope you are too 🙂

Name and design

I have a little more work to do before the blog is fully designed the way I like it. At least I have decided on the domain name and logo. It’s a great start and I feel the logo mirrors my minimalistic style whilst the name of the blog (Life Styled by Jennie) represent what I’ll be writing about.

What to Expect from Life Styled by Jennie

I can’t decide for a specific theme for my blog so I’ll just continue where I left off from blogging in Swedish for 8 years. You’ll get to read about my travels, abroad as well as shorter day trips around the  and my shopping and fashion outfits. I love culture; everything from food to Eurovision so you will be seeing a lot of that on here. I try to stay healthy, mostly by walking and running so there will be updates on how I try and beat my current personal time, 5k in 31 min. Hopefully I’ll also be able to attend lots of fun events that I can share my experiences from with you.

So, if you think I can pull this off and you’re interested to find out more, stay tuned!

Jennie xx