Crazy Angel Fake Tan

It’s nearing the end of February and already have we seen tendency to warmer and sunny days. Winter has been back with its horrible wet cold a few times as well but I refuse to give up thinking Spring is around the corner. With warmer days come less clothing but my skin is terrible bleak so to show off my ankles, I’m in need of that fake tan.

I’ve previously shared my tanning routine with you but I thought I’d give you a slightly more affordable option to St Tropez – Crazy Angel. I already own their Gradual Tan Lotion but I’ve never before tried their Halo Polish Body Scrub and Midnight Kiss Tanning Lotion*, util now. Thanks to Just My Look, you can get hold of these Crazy Angel products for a much affordable prize. Check out Just My Look if you’re tired of spending heaps of money on your favourite beauty products.

Crazy Angel fake tan products

To show off the result the best, I’m sharing before and after pictures as we know an image speaks louder than words. I could sit here and write all sorts about how the tan made a lovely colour and how happy I am with it but if you can see it with your own eyes, it’s more believable.

Taking pictures of the tan also gave me a reason to show off my new swimsuit I bought from boohoo. It has FLAMINGOS on it!!! I love it so much. I don’t really need a new swimsuit because I don’t even know if I’ll see a beach this year, yet alone be near a warm enough sea to take a dip or two in. Someone please take me on a sunny holiday, or invite me to a day of spa and chill *flashing eyelashes*.

Before fake tan chest Before fake tan legs

No matter which fake tan I use, my routine doesn’t change. What is different compared to other fake tans I’ve used is the texture of the lotion. Those of you familiar with St Tropez know they have a mousse and that’s what I use. It’s so easy to apply and no risk of leaving finger streaks. With Crazy Angel I struggled a bit more applying it for a nice finish but I hope it’ll improve with experience. Crazy Angel’s fake tan is a thick lotion with the texture and colour of dark chocolate sauce (DO NOT EAT, ha!). Applying it you have to be really careful using circular motions making sure all the skin is covered. I found it extra important to exfoliate before applying. Their scrub is really gentle on the skin but still doing the job right.

The Result

After fake tanning chest After fake tanning legs

I almost got a chock how brown I looked straight after applying the tan, and also after waking up from a eight hour long sleep. Luckily, a lot of it comes off in the shower and magically the few streaks I felt I could see waking up had gone. Despite a lot of excess being washed off in the shower, I was left with a really nice bronze colour on my skin. I find this colour more intense than the mousse from St Tropez so using Crazy Angel, I think I won’t have to fake tan as often. Using the gradual tan lotion regularly, the colour should last even longer.

What I also like about Crazy Angel is that all their products smell the same and it’s a nice nutty smell, hardly any note of fake tan. My skin feels really nice and smooth as well which is a bonus.

Have you used Crazy Angel before? Are you starting to prep for warmer days and beach visits?

Jennie xx

*PR samples. All views are my own