Fake Tanning Routine

The sun is showing itself more and more and we all know what that means, we show more and more of our skin. I love being able to roll up my jeans (without my ankles having to freeze), walk around without a cardigan or other long sleeved jumpers, and maybe even show some cleavage.

What I don’t like though is showing my pale winter skin so I sometimes like to fake tan. People have asked me how I manage to do it without leaving lines or look orange, but naturally tanned so I thought I’d go over my fake tanning routine in this post. Maybe some of you might find it useful.

1. Scrub down

Frosted Plum range

The first thing I do, is having a proper scrub! I either use one of my body scrubs from The Body Shop or I use a bath sponge/shower scrunch together with a gentle shower gel. I love the body scrubs as I feel extra clean after using them, and almost as I’ve lost several pounds of dead skin as well. I’m currently using the Frosted Plum which smells heavenly. I’ve mentioned my love for it before, in previous posts.

2. Mousse up

St Tropez tanning mousse

It’s only in recent years I’ve started to fake tan, it’s part of me becoming more and more British…, ha! I suppose it’s the lack of sunshine that we get here and therefore more people use fake tan. Anyway, before then, I had no idea what products to use. I was recommended St. Tropez and thought it was really pricey but I also thought it must be worth it and the last thing I wanted, was lines and a carrot coloured skin. I invested and love this brand so I haven’t tried any other fake tan brands. Why end something that’s meant to be? I only use the mousse. It’s so easy to apply, using a tan glove to circular motion. You don’t need much mousse to cover a lot of skin so it’s very long lasting. Tip!, buy when it’s on offer to get the most our of your money.

3. Cook over night

Excuse the title but when I’m tanning in the sun, I sometimes feel like I’m cooking. The bottle suggest to leave the mousse on for 8 or so hours which sums up a good night’s sleep. The smell from the mousse is very subtle so I don’t mind leaving it on for a long time. I usually apply it just before I go to bed and I’ve never once seen any marks on clothes or bed sheets, which is great.

4. Rinse off

Gillette Venus Breeze


Have a shower like normal and let the excessive fake tan wash off. I like to use this new shower gel I picked up at the #HBMarchMeet, Good Things Spa’s body wash has a lovely smell and is full of moisturising goodness for your skin. I also leave shaving my legs for this stage at it’s advised not to do it before fake tanning. I don’t want to risk getting extra fake tan in the open pores, leaving spots, so I do it after tanning. I’ve used Gilette Venus for many years now but this is the first time I’ve tried the purple version. Again, a nice little treat from the #HBMarchMeet (so many goodies!!!) and the built-in shave gel bars smell lovely of freesia flowers. .

5. Top up

Crazy Angel Gradual Tanning lotion

The last step in my fake tanning routine is moisturising. Previously, I’ve settled for any type of moisturiser (usually a Body Butter from The Body Shop) but after the #HBMarchMeet I’m using Crazy Angel’s Gradual Tan lotion, which is also a great tan top up. Just like a normal tan, it’s important to moisturise to keep the tan glowing. This top up lotion makes it even better, combining moisturiser with added gradual colour.

There you have it, my 5 step long fake tanning routine. What fake tanning products do you use? How often do you fake tan and what’s your routine?

Jennie xx