Wicker Park

If you didn’t know already, I quite like quirky areas in cities and especially the areas where you can find lots of vintage and independent stores. Most cities will have areas like this and I always look for them so I was happy to be able to spend a day exploring Wicker Park in Chicago. I got there really early in the morning, as I’m a morning person but also because I want to give myself enough time to go to the places I already have research but also find unexpected things to explore.

Wicker Park buildings

Vintage Shopping

Wicker Park isn’t very big, it’s focused around North Milwaukee Avenue, with a couple of surrounding side streets to walk up and down. I mainly stayed on North Milwaukee Avenue, heading South East as this is were all the vintage and independent shops are. Heading north on the same street (starting at W North Avenue) you find all the high end shops which I avoided.

Kokorokoko80's vintage

There’s a really good mix of vintage shops, all different eras and as mentioned in my Chicago shopping post I bought an 80’s dress in Kokorokoko, a vintage shop exclusively dedicated to this decade. I loved this shop, proper travelling back in time and I so wish I would have been a teenager during the 80’s, opposite to the 90’s. Anyway, I can’t change that but luckily I can visit shops like this and maybe I’ll open up my own one day. If I did, I cold wear 80’s clothes every day!

Wicker Park

Before going to the Big Star for lunch, I hung out in the park and learnt a bit more about Charles Gustavus Wicker which the area is named after. He was a true pioneer, dedicated to honesty, hard work, family, neighbourhood and country.

Charles G Wicker

I’ve added the film ‘Wicker Park’ to my to watch list. If you’ve seen it already, then you know it’s named Wicker Park as this is the square which Matt (Josh Hartnett) leaves Lisa (Diane Kruger) a note to meet him in. It’s always fun watching films were I recognise the surroundings after visiting myself.

What type of areas do you like to explore when on city holidays? Have you ever been to Chicago and Wicker Park? Also, what happened to Josh Hartnett?

Jennie xx