Chinatown in Chicago

The last area of Chicago I explored was Chinatown. Every city has a Chinatown but I didn’t expect Chicagos to be so big. It’s a huge part of the city so I’m really glad I took the time to visit before heading to the airport. Luckily for me, Chinatown was only a train stop away from where my grinds live so it took less than 20 minutes to get there. I took an early train, before the shops had opened up so it was only me and tourist groups walking the streets.

Chinatown Square Chicago

Chinatown Square

I started with the main square which has a couple of big stone monuments and in the middle of the square, all Chinese zodiac signs are lined up forming a square.

Pig zodiac sign

Each animal (zodiac sign) is dated with he years they belong to and includes a short description for everyone born in this sign. I’m born in 1983, in the year of Pig, and the sign says the following about me.

The Pig
“The Pig projects a symbol of raw power, stamina and vitality. Pigs are sincere, tolerant, honest, loyal, fun loving and can be the most accommodating friend imaginable. Often lacking self-control, they can succumb easily to overindulgence and corruption and therefore cannot be trusted with managing money. Pigs possess considerable talent in arts and would do well as an actor or entertainer. Pigs get along well with all expect the Snake and Monkey.”

I can agree that I’m a loyal and really good friend, somewhat that I have an artistic side (not actress or entertainer) but not at all that I’m not good with money. I’m not rich but I have a good overview of what I earn, how much I can allow myself to spend and on what.

Chinatown Chicago

I really like the shopping area Chinatown Square, with cobbled streets, bridges and colourful buildings. I’ve never been to China but I reckon this gives a good idea of how it could be in a smaller city. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

South Wentworth Avenue

I also walked up and down the main road which starts with a massive welcome sign. I love all the details on the buildings, the lamp posts and on the floor. There was no doubt I was in Chinatown.

South Wentworth Avenue in Chicago

Not far from the main road, there’s a replica of the Nine Dragon Wall. Very impressive indeed and too big for me to get a decent shot of. I was standing around for a while, admiring all the hard work that must have gone in to building this and all the others around China.

Nine Dragon Wall Chicago

I stayed long enough in Chinatown to have some lunch as well, before heading to the airport. I was recommended to go to Qing Xiang Yuan, for the best dumplings in Chinatown and I’m willing to bet money that this place is the best. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it made my list of top 5 restaurants to visit when in Chicago.

Which Chinatown is the best you have been to? Have you been to Chinatown in Chicago?

Jennie xx