Vodka based cocktails

York is a lovely place to go to for on a night out or even better, a day out. They have plenty of pubs and bars to choose from. Last weekend we visited a couple of them and really liked Evil Eye which we were recommended to go to.

Evil Eye Bar

This bar is located on Stonegate, not far from York Minster. We went there around 6 pm on the Saturday and the door man said it was full and that we’d only be able to go in if someone else left. This is a good sign, a lot of attraction usually means it’s a great place. We tried the next door bar but that was full too so felt a bit low BUT as we were moving away from the street luckily a hen do left Evil Eye so we could go in. The bar is know for all their mixes of cocktails, the menu is long and the back wall was full of interesting spirits.

Evil Eye pointed out on Google Map

The bar in Evil Eye


I spotted a bottle of Pistonhead which confused me. I know Pistonhead as a Swedish beer but didn’t know they also did liqueur. The guys behind the bar aren’t too impressed with it but I had to try it so we had a shot each. Liquorice taste, amazing!! Surprisingly even my boyfriend liked the taste even though he’s not keen on salty liquorice sweets.

Pistonhead Liqueur bottle


We both opted for vodka based cocktails, weird being me since I’m not a massive fan but the rest of the ingredients won me over.  My boyfriends got ‘Constantine’ which had Vodka, Chambord, Limoncello, strawberries, lemon and apple juice. It tasted like a melted sweet but not in a sickly sugary way which was good. I went for ‘Evil Spring Punch’ with Stoli Razzberri Vodka, Chambord, Prosecco, raspberrys and lemon juice. The Prosecco was added last to create two layers. It looked great and tasted even better.

Vodka based cocktails

Thoughts on Evil Eye Bar

The drinks are on the expensive side but really worth it. It’s a cool and hip place and I’d like to go back. Maybe even try their menu, yes – it’s a restaurant as well. Watch out for the toilets, I ended up in the men’s toilets thinking it was a unisex toilet. Still not sure but it only said toilets on the door and never a sign for men nor women.

Selfie with cocktail

Have you been to Evil Eye? What did you think? Which bars do you recommend in York?

Jennie xx