Estabulo – The Light’s Latest Meat Crib

The other week, Estabulo opened up its second set of doors in Leeds, this time in The Light. The space has gone from vintage French cafe to a modern and fancy meat lovers crib. More and more of these Portuguese meat buffet restaurants are popping up in Leeds, so clearly a favourite. I’ve been to Fazenda and Bem Brazil previously and heard really good things about Estabulo so I was really excited to try it out on this opening night.

Estabulo bar Estabulo interior Estabulo seating Estabulo plant

With me I brought Charlotte (biggest partner in food crime) and two other colleagues. It was such a lovely girls night out, spending 4 hours eating our weights in meat. We were the first to arrive and almost the last to leave. We managed to out eat a couple of tables. Not only because the food was for free, but because its so darn good. I’ll happily come back spending only £25 to eat all the meat I’d like, or even £15 for a lunch deal. For such lovely cuts of meat, it’s rude not to.

I’m normally not a massive fan of dark interiors (blame the Scandinavian in me) but it suits this type of restaurant. The massive windows facing The Light’s indoor square help bringing in light and opening up the space. I particularly like the wine bottle decoration, separating the booths. We on the other hand had one of the best tables, in the middle, making it difficult for the servers to miss out our table circulating the restaurant with freshly cooked meat.

Estabulo wine Estabulo menuEstabulo chicken Estabulo steak Estabulo food

The concept? Simply leave your card on green and you’ll never have an empty plate. If you start to get full, turn the card to its red side and the waiters will stop offering the meats (not always and you’ll find it difficult to say no). I purposely turned down most chicken and sausages as I wanted to fit in as much beef and steak as possible. I love that the meat is crispy on the outside and medium rare inside, cooked to perfection in my eyes. Estabulo also offer cuts of gammon, pork belly and lamb. I normally love pork belly but this was not one of my favourites.

To compliment the meat, there’s a buffet full of cold condiments, cheese, vegetables, pasta salads and warm sides like potatoes and garlic mushrooms, which by the way are delicious. I was surprised to also see sushi and smoked salmon as part of the buffet. Nothing I’d go for personally but obviously must take someone’s fancy to be offered.

Cheese Sushi condiments Pasta salad Chips

All in all, a fantastic night and delicious food! Thanks Estabulo for hosting and letting us enjoy it all to the fullest. I will come back for more but not for a while, I’m still full…

Have you tried any of these meat feast buffet restaurants before? What type of meats do you like? If you’re not a massive meat fan there is a fish option available as well, or even the choice of going full vegetarian.

Jennie xx

I was invited to enjoy the opening night and food in return for this post. All views are my own.


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