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Our Finest Hour at Escape Hunt in Leeds

“Step into 1942, when the world is at war. The Nazis have developed a series of devastating new superweapons that could obliterate Britain and win the war at a stroke. As MI6’s top agents you’ve been chosen to find and destroy these fiendish inventions before they destroy us.” – Our Finest Hour, Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt Leeds

On one of the days my brother, his girlfriend and her son were visiting, we decided to check out the most recent escape room games in Leeds – Escape Hunt*. The room we decided to give a go is called ‘Our Finest Hour’ and this truly was our finest hour. Spoiler alert, we managed to get out! We might not look the brightest most photogenic but we’ve got the brains to escape an Escape Hunt room. Also, you might think we’re a bit crazy deciding to lock ourselves into a small and hot room during the heatwave, adding extra pressure. It was worth it!

On arrival, we were seated and given instructions how the games work and safety instructions: no electronics, how to get out if an emergency and what silly things not to do (which some have clearly tried at least once in order to be mentioned). I love that all the tables have brain games like Connect Four and Marble Solitaire to help warm up the brain warmed before a game of Escape Hunt.

Escape Hunt Leeds Seating AreaEscape Hunt Seating Area

As soon as the door locked behind us, we found our different roles, being able to solve the problem in a methodical way. Our youngest team member took the role as team leader and he did it really well. He went into character and answered “Yes Sir” on the phone, making the rest of us stand at attention.

We had one hour to find all the clues and figure out the solution to destroy the Nazis superweapons. An hour seems like a long time and once locked in the room we acted like we had all the time in the world. We did get stressed a couple of times, more so because we couldn’t figure out what we were meant to do rather than not feeling like we had enough time. When we learnt that we only had 5 minutes left, we were so fast I don’t remember half the things we had to do in order to get out. So perhaps if we’d felt the pressure earlier on, we’d been out a lot quicker with more than 1 minute and 5 seconds to spare.

We worked as a team, helped each other and even had time to laugh when things didn’t go as well. I think our game master (Noel) had a few laughs watching us as well. He did say afterwards that our session was like a rollercoaster: at times we were on the right track and did so well to suddenly leave it to start doing something completely different. He did have to ring us a couple of times to steer us back on the right track, which we really appreciated. There is no extra time added, nor any shame in getting clues and help.

ProseccoEscape Hunt time left

Once completed, we were again seated and treated to prosecco and under 18s a soft drink, giving time to reflect on how the hour went. We had a few laughs again looking back at some of the crazy and maybe not so well thought through things that we did in the room but also high fives to the really brilliant and clever things we did. Sadly I can’t give you the details of either as it would ruin your experience when going yourself.

Escape Hunt team photo

We all absolutely loved it and can really recommend going. It’s suitable for all ages, in our group the age span from 13 to 51 years old. There are no physical tasks involved which means the brains do all the work and as we all think differently, it works really well. I’m the only one of us who’s done escape rooms before so considering most of us were beginners and Swedish is our primary language, we did really well!

Jennie xx 

*My family and I were invited down to Escape Hunt to try their ‘Our Finest Hour’ game, free of charge, in exchange for this post. All views, words and photos are as always my own.

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