Ad | Gifted*. A great and easy way to spice up and personalise your clothes is with enamel pins. You can pin them on your jacket, shoes, bags, jeans, or any other clothes you like. Because they are pins, it means that you can change the order around whenever you like and move them between clothes whenever you like.

I have decorated my front pocket on my denim dungaree dress with enamel pin badges from Punky Pins. For someone who more or less always dress in black (there’s a pin for that) it makes it so much more fun, and personal.

Punky Pins is an American brand who also sell enamel pins in the UK. Their range in the US is a lot wider, with other funky products as well but their UK stock is growing. They have lots of fun, cheeky, colourful custom enamel pins to choose from. I had to settle for five from their range and it was not easy to narrow them down but these are the ones I got.

Punky Pins Enamel Pins Punky PinsCustom enamel pins

My Punky Pin Collection

I’ve decided to wear the full collection on the same dress. All these pins represent me and my personality in one way or another. I love them all!

Balloon Animal Skeleton | The skeleton ballon dog pin was a given! It’s like a kinder egg to me: “three in one”. I love dogs, I love balloons and I love skulls/skeleton. The fact that it’s pink on black makes it even more perfect.

My Heart Belongs To Pizza | As a foodie, I had to get a food related badge and pizza is the food I’d say I’d live on for the rest of my life if I had a choice. It truly has a big part of my heart. A fun pin I’ll wear every time I’m going out for pizza.

Black Was Her Colour Epitaph | Like I mentioned above, I dress a lot in black. You will have noticed in my fashion posts as well. I was thrilled to see that there’s a pin for it which says: “Black Was Her Colour”. I can totally see this quote on my future tombstone, for sure.

Happy Soft | Even though I dress a lot in black, I have a smile on my face most of the time. When people describe me they usually use words like positive and happy. I don’t really need a pin saying it to let people know I’m a happy person but hopefully seeing the pin, it’ll make them happy too, or at least bring out a smile.

No Fucks Given Dinosaur | The last and smallest pin is a pink dinosaur with a quote saying “No Fucks Given”. Although the quote is strong, it’s slightly softened using cute colours and shape. It was too cute not to include in my collection of favourite enamel pins right now. The quote is also a reminder to myself not to compare myself too much to others.

Have you got any enamel pins? I would love to see your collections!

Jennie xx 

*Punky Pins kindly sent me these enamel pins in return for this post. All photos, words and views are as always my own.