Elvi floral trousers

And just like that, autumn has arrived. Or is it just the usual English summer weather which we perhaps forgot exist? Either way, it’s making me dress warmer by choosing boots over sandals and long sleeves over t-shirts. I didn’t think I was ready for it but the other week, this outfit slipped on so easy. I must say I think it’s down to the culottes.

Elvi floral trousers

ELVI got in touch a couple of weeks ago, asking if I wanted to try a piece from their transitional autumn wear and I couldn’t say no. I’ve never heard of this brand before but looking at their lookbook, I fell in love with their designs and colour choice. I really like that they cater for women in size 8-28 but also that the products online are modelled in different sizing to give an idea how you’d look in them. It’s ridiculous being a size 12-16 (depending on brand and style of clothes) to imagine how something modelled by a size 6/8 would look on you. I’m not in a need of a classy dress (please someone take me out somewhere fancy) so resisted to pick out one of many lovely looking and went for these trousers instead. I’m so happy with my choice.

Elvi transitional autumn wear Floral trousers

Floral culottes* – ELVI

Black long sleeved top – H&M

Platform boots – New Look

Tassel Earrings – Studio

Watch – Nordgreen

I have a pair of black high waisted trousers which I love so I thought why not add to the collection with a floral patterned pair. It’s just enough pattern for me. A black base with big patterned flowers in subtle colours. These culottes are SO comfy! The waist line has an elastic band at the back but normal lining at the front. There’s a zipper on the left hand side for easy slip on. I got a size 16 but they’re slightly too big. Instead of using a belt, I fastened them with a safety pin on the side. I felt a belt, although there are belt loops, took away from the trouser design. what I love the most so the fabric! SO lightweight it feels like wearing pjs and they flow so flattering when walking.

Floral trousers outfit floral trousers waist

As the trousers are the look, I paired them with a black and tight fitted long sleeved top and black platform boots. The combination of boots and trousers make my legs look a lot longer than they are and I LOVE it! Of course my looks nowadays aren’t finished without a pair of tassel earrings. These turquoise are my current favourite and they work perfectly with these trousers bringing out the colours in the floral pattern. The perfect outfit fro transitional weather we’re currently experiencing. Once even colder I’d add black tights underneath, flats and a warmer jumper tucked in.

These trousers will see me through many undecided English summer/autumn days. What are you looking forward to wear in autumn and what’s your best transitional outfit?

Jennie xx

*PR sample. ELVI kindly sent me these pair of culottes in return for this blog post. Views, words and photos are as always my own. Photos taken by Charlotte from www.crunchcorner.co.uk