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How I Edit Instagram and Blog Photos

Instagram seems to be everyone’s pet peeve at the moment. If it’s not talks about the algorithm, it’s about how people edit their photos. It’s none of my business how others edit their photos, do what works for you. I prefer to look at photos that are as natural as possible though. I don’t really edit my photos much, I only lighten them and perhaps enhance colours a tiny bit. Both my Instagram and blog photos are edited in 2 steps, using different tools. Here’s how I edit Instagram and blog photos.

Instagram photo before editing Instagram photo after editing

Blog Photo Editing

Edit blog photo exposure Edit blog photo size

When I first started out, I took my blog photos with my iPhone. I thought it did a good job, until I invested in a decent digital camera. Not till then did I see the difference in the photo itself but also when it comes to editing. I never use iPhone photos on the blog anymore. Sometimes on Instagram but even there, I prefer my Panasonic Lumix GX7. Nope, I don’t own an Olympus Pen like everyone else.

Once it’s time to include the photos in my blog posts, I edit them slightly using good old Windows Live Photo Gallery. In two simple steps I have photos I am proud to share on here. It’s only the exposure I change really and then obviously resize them so they don’t take up too much space.

  1. Exposure –> Exposure Adjustment
  2. Properties –> Size –> Small size (800)

Instagram Photo Editing

Edit Instagram photo exposure Edit Instagram photo Colour Pop

Instagram is still my favourite social channel, despite the algorithm changes. I stick to sharing photos I like and if others like them too, that’s fabulous. Of course I wish more people saw them but perhaps one day.

Like with the blog photos, I prefer to use the photos I have taken with my camera. I find editing iPhone photos quickly make them grainy, even with minimal editing. I use the A ColorStory app and again, in two simple steps, I have a photo I’m happy with. It’s available on desktop as well for Adobe users. I don’t have Adobe and I don’t want to pay for the service when I’m happy to edit my blog photos in Windows.

  1. Tools –> Adjust –> Curves –> Swipe the line upwards for desirable exposure
  2. Essentials –> Everyday

There you have it, instructions to how I edit my Instagram and blog photos. What do you think? How do you edit yours?

Jennie xx


  • Zoe

    Hi, I still use my iPhone for blog and Instagram photos. I don’t do much editing really. I have downloaded the PS Express app on my phone which is free and then when I upload a photo to it, the app automatically lightens and corrects. Sometimes I might look at the other options but to be honest I don’t see that much of a difference.

    • Jennie

      That’s really good the app auto corrects the photo for you. That way you know all photos have the same editing. A Color Story is als free and so easy to use. I don’t need the extras which you have to pay for.

    • Jennie

      Yeah it’s good for insta stories and similar. I purposely invested in a camera with wi-fi function so that I can quickly transfer them to my phone 🙂

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