Cinnamon Porridge with Peanut Butter

During the past five months, going to a PT and working hard to loose weight, I’ve eaten more than before, just the right things. I thought calorie counting and macro managing might be boring and hard but on the contrary I’ve found it really fun and interesting. I like meal prepping and coming up with new combinations of food to match what I’m allowed to eat. During this time, I have found a couple of favourites which I thought I’d share with you. Here are three quick and healthy meals for when I want something easy to make.


I’ve previously eaten Greek yoghurt, fresh fruit and seeds with a drizzle of honey in the morning. It’s tasty and looks healthy too but it turns out it’s a massive calorie bomb! Scrap this for porridge and you’ll not only be healthier but also stay full longer. Win win!

Depending on which porridge you choose, the calorie intake will vary. I really like Aldi’s cinnamon flavoured oats and together with peanut butter, it’s the perfect combination. On a weekend, I like to treat myself a little bit extra and also add fresh fruit.

Cinnamon Porridge with Peanut Butter

Porridge with peanut butter and fresh fruit 

1 portion – 420 kcal (68 g carbs, 11 g fat, 14 g protein)

1 sachet cinnamon oats
1 tbs smooth peanut butter
1/5 banana
1 cup raspberries

1. Cook the porridge with water on the hob or in a microwave

2. Stir in the peanut butter

3. top with fruit


I’ve been very good bringing in my own lunch every day. It saves money and I know exactly what I’m eating. I find meal planning on a Sunday and Wednesday works really well.

Who doesn’t love tacos? I find that the spice used in the beef makes most of the meal so cutting out on taco wraps, nachos and guacamole doesn’t bother me too much. Call it a naked taco rice bowl if you wish.

Naked taco rice bowl

Taco beef with vegetables and rice 

Makes 4 portions. 1 portion – 400 kcal (46 g carbs, 8 g fat, 32 g protein)

500 g minced beef (5%)
1 sachet of taco mix
240 g baby spinach leaves
2 peppers
160 g rice

1. Boil the rice

2. Cook the beef in a pan until done

3. Add the taco mix to the beef

4. Stir in peppers and spinach leaves until soft

5. Mix together with the rice

Post workout

It’s very important to fuel up the body after a workout, preferably with lots of protein. I personally can’t eat much late in the evening before going to bed so I’ve found this three ingredient dish a life saver. I love corn, tuna and eggs in all shapes and forms and together they’re delicious!

Post workout meal

Tuna salad

1 Portion – 278 kcal (1 g carbs, 13 g fat, 39.2 g protein)

1 can of tuna in brine
2 eggs
1 tbs light mayo
1 tbs corn

1. Boil the eggs

2. Mix tuna and mayo together

3. Add corn and eggs to the tuna mix

Have you got any easy go to meals you can’t love without? Please share recipe below and if you try any of these three recipes, let me know.

Jennie xx