AD | PR sample. When summer is around, I fancy cold food more than hot soups or heart-warming stews. Bearing in mind, summer in England isn’t very hot, definitely not right now, so I still eat a lot of hot food. But, when the sun comes out it’s nice to enjoy something chilled and is easy to prepare. Like this Italian Pasta Salad. Cold salads are perfect if you want to be able to grab it quickly from the fridge and eat it straight away.

A couple of months ago, Sous Chef sent me a couple of Italian food samples to try. I made focaccia bread for the first time, which turned out alright. One of the other products they sent me was colourful bow shaped pasta. I said at the time that they’re too cute to eat but I couldn’t resists the temptation. The became the base for this pasta salad. I also used the red pesto they sent me. Yes, I still have some left.

I served the salad in the gorgeous bowl I also received from Sous Chef. Food isn’t just about the taste; it has to be appealing to look at as well. We eat just as much with our eyes as our taste buds. The colour burst of the salad and the complimentary eye catching bowl makes me want to eat the whole lot in one go.

What makes this salad Italian? Well, it’s all in the ingredients that I used. Pasta, tomatoes, mozzarella and any type of meat is often used in Italian food dishes. It’s one of my favourite cuisines. You can never go wrong, whether it’s hot or cold food.

Italian Pasta Salad Recipe Pesto Pasta Salad Pasta Salad Recipe

Easy Italian Pasta Salad Recipe

This pasta salad recipe is so easy to make. You can basically add anything you fancy to a salad. I’ve only used a couple of products which compliment each other well. I forgot to add the olives but don’t worry, I’ll have them with something else another time. As an afterthought, it would also have been nice to add pine nuts to this. Basically, add whatever you fancy and you’re off to a good start.


Mozarella cheese
Cherry tomatoes
Fresh parsley

Notice I’ve not put any measurements to each ingredient. That’s because it’s totally up to you depending on how many you make for and what ratio you prefer.


1. Cook the pasta. I like mine al dente.
2. Drain in cold water so the pasta pieces don’t stick to each other.
3. Let cool.
4. In the meantime, chop salami, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes and mix in a bowl.
5. Add olives.
6. Mix a dressing To poor over. In my case, I added red pesto to the cooled down pasta and mix it together.
7. Combine pasta and salad ingredients.
8. Cut up fresh parsley and garnish.

What is your favourite food during summertime? Have you got any favourite salads you like to make? Please share recipe ideas in the comments.

Jennie xx

*PR sample. Sous Chef sent me these Italian food products for me to try. All words, views and photos are my own.