Pannacotta Recipe

Pannacotta is one of the easiest desserts to make, you just need a lot of patience. My friend mentioned that she made an even easier pannacotta for New Year’s Eve, that I wanted to try. I thought it would be perfect for Easter so I’m calling it Easter Pannacotta. I know it’s a while still till Easter but it’ll be around sooner than we know so why not plan ahead already for nice treats to make.

Three layered pannacotta

Easter Pannacotta Recipe

This pannacotta recipe is so simple, all you need is two ingredients; double cream and ‘Ahlgrens Bilar’. Ahlgrens Bilar are Swedish sweets, one of the bets kind. I buy mine at Candy Hero but I’m sure that you can use any chewy/marshmallowy sweets that contains gelatine.

Ahlgrens bilar

Let’s move on to the best bit, the making of the pannacotta.

What you need (6-10 portions)

  • 2 bags of Ahlgrens Bilar
  • 9 dl double cream


  1. Divide the cars by colour (green, pink and white)
  2. Warm up 3 dl cream in a pan, on low heat.
  3. Pour in one colour of cars and stir until all have melted.
  4. Pour into glass of your choice, let cool for 2 hours in fridge
  5. Repeat with all colours to get a layered affect
  6. Garnish with Easter themed decorations

Easter pannacotta

See, simple recipe and even better – it’s also very affordable. Double cream and some sweets doesn’t cost a fortune but together they make a lovely dessert, who would have thought? I love finding simple recipes that to the eye, look exclusive and posh! This recipe will be taking part in an Easter countdown taking place in March. (UPDATE – You can find my recipe and more here!)

Pannacotta in cocktail glassPannacotta in tumbler glasses

Are you planning to bake something special for Easter? Let me know if you try this recipe or if you have any other lovely Easter treats/pannacotta recipes to share.

Jennie xx