Easter nails with op coat

Lately I’ve stuck to only using one colour when painting my nails but this time I thought I could do with something more fun so I did an Easter nail design.

Nail polish in different colours Mint green, pink and white nail polish

I got inspired by egg decorations but wanted to keep it simple. I don’t have any nail design tools so could only stick with polka dots as it’s easy to create using an old hair pin. I chose some pastel colours as it’s springtime and also very popular right now. To make it more elegant and sparkly I also used a gold nail polish. For the polka dots I’ve only used white.

Step 1

Start by applying a base coat on all nails. Whilst it dries, decide which colour should go on which nail.

Nails with base coat

Step 2

Apply two coats of each colour on each nail. I chose one white, one gold, one mint green, two pink on the left hand and swapped pink and mint green for the right hand.

Pastel coloured nails

Step 3

Use an old hair pin and dip in the white nail polish and create polka dot pattern on the pink and the mint green nails. Do the same with the gold nail polish on the white nails. Leave the gold nail pattern free.

Polka dot nails

Step 4

Apply a top coat on all nails. I’ve always used Barry M’s base and top coat combined but got recommended to use No.7 ‘s top coat instead as it dries quicker and lasts longer.

Easter nails with op coat

What do you think? Have you painted your nails this Easter?

Easter decorated nails

Jennie xx