DIY Drinks Trolley

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you might have noticed that I had listed a drinks trolley on my Christmas Wishlist. I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect cart but not been able to find one that I can afford. There are lots of pretty vintage versions out there but because they’re so popular, of course the price goes up. When I read Victoria’s post on how to style your bar cart I was amazed that Argos has a drinks trolley for a very affordable price. It’s stunning, BUT I was hoping they’d also have a gold version but sadly not.

Last resort for me was to make my own trolley. No I haven’t built it myself but I went to IKEA and bought this simple kitchen trolley and gave it a makeover. It’s only £18 and with the products I needed for the makeover the final result only costed me £27 – bargain!!!

Gold and marble drinks trolley

Ideally I wanted to spray paint the frame in gold but Wilko was out of spray paint when I went in so I got a pot of gold paint for steel and metal instead. It took a few layers to make the frame look nice but on the plus side, I didn’t have to worry getting gold pain everywhere and with this being water based it didn’t smell out the whole flat and the brush was easy to clean afterwards, and so my fingers.

Gold paintMarble effect self-adhesive film

I also bought self-adhesive film to cover the shelves. What better pattern than marble effect to make it look posh? It was so easy to use and I think it looks fabulous if you don’t mind me saying so myself. I also toyed with the idea of painting the shelves in gold first, attach them upside down and cut three mirrors placing them in the shelves to give a mirrored effect. It’s an option if you have a bit more money and patience getting it done.

Three tear drinks trolley

I’m really happy with the result of my drinks trolley and it feels extra special now that I’ve put some of my own effort into it. All I have to do is invest in some proper drinks glasses and then it’s ready. So, who wants to come over for drinks?

Jennie xx