2017 Goals in Review

It’s a new year and what would a blog be without a look back at last year’s goals and how I did. I only had five things I wanted to achieve throughout 2017 and I’m happy to say I did myself proud. To answer the title question, yes I did!

Apply for UK Citizenship

I spent most of the year working on this application. First I had to apply for a permanent residence, then take a Life in the UK test, followed by an English lever 3 test to finally be able to fill in the application and send it in. I’m still waiting for the verdict, I’m hoping I’ll know within a couple of weeks.

Life in the UK test document

Read 12 Books

If you read my Tuesday post, you know I managed to read one book a month. I haven’t decided if I should try and beat that number this year, target it or not Caren about numbers and just read when I feel like it and have time.

Gain an Events Diploma

I almost forgot about this goal because it seems like forever ago. I took the course and test in January last year as I was broke and didn’t have much else to do. No offence but the test was very easy to pass. I received a paper diploma in return.

Explore Europe

There are still so many places in Europe I’d like to go to but I’m so happy to be able to cross off Hamburg and Dublin from my list.

The Custom House Dublin

Stay Active

This is the goal I love the most because it’s not just one thing I strive to achieve but something I want to keep doing every day. And I do most of the time. I haven’t been running since summer time but back in April, I started going to morning classes at the gym. I’m cycling there and back home from work as well so I definitely get enough excersie throughout the week. Yeah sure, there have been days when I’ve skipped it completely, my body needs breaks, but for most of the time I’ve kept it up.

How how did you do in 2017? Have you set any goals for this year? I have an I’ll share them with you next week.

Jennie xx