De-Stressing with DIY

Since I moved in to the new flat, I haven’t had time to do as many DIY projects as I would have liked but I’ll get there. There’s no need to do them all at once, hey. I have made a good start by painting my balcony furniture set and decorate a couple of white coffee mugs. I had a lot of fun with these projects too and it’s amazing how a bit of paint can make such a massive difference.

Not only transforming furniture but how working with it makes me relax. I’m not a stressed person really but sometimes I feel like I need to come away from everything digital. I work with it all day long and coming home from work writing blog posts and interacting on social media platforms is hard work. I find the best way to get better at it, is to step away from it. I’m loving my new flat and all the opportunities it’ll give me to do just that. There will be more painting jobs coming up!

Balcony Furniture Makeover

When I first moved in, I had my eyes set on a green furniture set of two chairs and a round table to have on my balcony. I thought it would look really nice, and make me want to sit outside all the time. I also had to save money where possible so when I was offered to by a neighbours wooden set for a lot cheaper, I took the opportunity. I also got a couple of plants thrown in to the price so it was definitely a win win situation for me.  Now, dark brown is definitely not my colour, at least not when it comes to furniture. I need light colours so I decided to paint my balcony set white and look at it now, so fresh and nice. Not only do I want to sit outside more but a white table also works better for taking pictures of the food I eat (yes I know, the blogger voice in me is always at the back of my head) as you might have seen on my Instagram already.

DIY balcony furniture

For this project, I cleaned the furniture thoroughly before applying a layer of undercoat white paint. As the furniture didn’t have a glossy finish before I didn’t have to sand them down. The undercoat paint dried very quickly so I could move on to the exciting finish very soon but with that I wanted to be more thorough. I choose an outdoor paint so that the furniture will last longer on the balcony where I suspect loads more wind and rain will hit it come cooler days. I toyed with the idea of having a matte finish but decided for the glossy white paint in the end to make it easier for me to wipe the furniture and I also think it’ll glisten nicer in the sunshine. The tub recommended to apply 2-3 layers with this paint but I only did one and it looks really great. I might have needed more layers if I hadn’t used the undercoat but that will come in handy again for other furniture so I thought it was a good investment. In total, it took me 6 hours to paint the furniture, 2 hours per item, and then they had to dry for 24 hours before I could put them outside.

Coffee Mugs Transformation

Do you remember the white mugs I decorated using nail varnish around Christmas? I’ve decorated another two but in a completely different style, using permanent marker pens in different colours. I seem to like decoration coffee mugs, despite me not being a hot drink consumer. What can I say, they’re easy to transform and if perfected, perfect gift ideas.

I like my monochrome and I like my spots and stripes so these two patterns came to me straight away. I wanted to incorporate the gold and silver as well so I used those colours for the handles. If I had two more cups i’d do the same pattern but in silver and gold and black handles. The spots where freehand but for the stripes I used sellotape (the white bits) and filled in the gaps with black.

These cups and pens was part of the goody bag from the Viking Arty Party event. I can’t believe it’s over a month a go since that took place, what a fab day! I also got a storage file and a block printing kit which I’ll use when I’ve figured out what paint to use. I already know I’ll mould the stamp into a skull, big surprise!!

DIY coffee mugs

When I was working on these projects I found that DIY is one of the best de-stressing methods. I got completely lost in the moment and didn’t think about anything else, apart from making it pretty and not mess anything up. The coffee mugs did disappoint a bit after baking them in the oven as some of the gold paint look burnt. I should probably have left them even lower down than I did. Oh, well, I’ve learnt a lesson and hopefully I can rectify by painting the handle again. On the other hand, I’m really happy with the furniture. They look fab once I found a pair of black cushions as well so now I love sitting outside even more!

What do you do to de-stress? I’d love to hear more ideas of what I can get up to.

Jennie xx