Albert Dock

Tonight my dear friend H is coming to visit and it’s very exciting. She was here for a long weekend around the same time last year and we had a great time. One of the days we went on a day trip to Liverpool for some sightseeing and chilling. We had really nice weather and I was very upset I left my sunglasses at home. Luckily I escaped the tears but my make-up melted away fairly quick.

Italian lunch in Liverpool

We had plenty of time so there was no rush walking around and enjoying ourselves. The bus arrived a bit later than planned but we still arrived before noon. It was perfect timing for finding somewhere nice to have some lunch and we settled for an Italian restaurant. I had a mozzarella and pepperoni pizza and one of my favourite drinks, San Pellegrino lemonade.

Albert Dock

One of the activities that we were really excited about is the Beatles Museum. The museum is situated in Albert Dock. It’s a gorgeous area mixed well with water and cool architecture.

Last time I went to Liverpool, three years ago, I never went but settled for the shop instead. That time I took a guided tour on a bus through the city visiting memorable places for the Beatles members and fans.

Albert Dock harbour Boat Albert Dock Albert Dock

The Beatles Museum

The museum is really good and very interesting. We were given one headset each so that we could listen to Paul McCartney’s sister talking about the different objects and sequences we walked past. They had an interview with Paul himself and other people who were part of Beatles success. I think it’s a great feature that you can choose which tracks you want to listen to and skip the less interesting stories.

The rooms were decorated with images and significant meanings, as well as a lot of replicas of the original rooms, such as the recording studio, the Yellow Submarine, The Cavern and the daily news papers press room.

Record Shop Beatles Museum Recorder Beatles Museum Recording sign Beatles Museum Beatles St Peppers Beatles as cartoons Yellow Submarine Yellow Submarine inside The Story Continues...

It feel weird to think they didn’t play together for that many years but still their story still lives and even the teenagers who were there at the same time as us seemed genuinely interested. It’s cool that The Beatles will still live on in many more generations to come.

Liverpool FC shop

Being a Liverpool FC fan I obviously had to pay a visit to their shop. A visit to Liverpool isn’t complete with either visiting Anfield or the fan shop.

I had thoughts beforehand of buying myself a shirt but no idea what print to get. I ended up with getting my last name and the year I’m born, it seemed most natural to me. I’m looking forward to the first game on the 16th August when I can wear it. Liverpool qualifies for Champions League so I had the option to get that version of the shirt but I picked the safe options as you never know if they’ll stay there or not and Premier League seems more retro. I wa really excited about my latest purchase so I had to have my picture taken outside the shop prudly holding it up.

Outside Liverpool FC shop Holding up Liverpool shirt outside Liverpool FC shop

Liverpool One

We also had time for a nice rest at a coffee shop and later also enjoy a nice dinner in the evening sun. Liverpool One is a massive shopping centre with several restaurants on the top floor and outside seating area with a view over the park. It was really nice sitting outside, sipping a cold drink and enjoying a fresh fish curry.

Watermelon daiquiry Fish curry People in outdoor seating area

We got a late bus back and it didn’t feel as tedious as we had anticipated. For me it could probably be because I can sleep anywhere, whenever. Not even the bumpy roads, the heavy breaks at traffic lights woke me up.

Jennie xx