Customised Vintage Sideboard

Finally my living room feels complete. Two new pieces of furniture has been added to give my living room a vintage feel. Both compliment the existing pieces of furniture. The customised vintage sideboard bridges the white bookcase, white coffee table and brown kitchen table as it’s a mix of brown and white. The lamp adds a new pop of colour but also match the sideboard with it’s old rose coloured tassels. It’s incredible what a difference couple of changes can make. I’m really pleased with the final result.

Customised Vintage Sideboard

I bought the sideboard from MadebyraphaelDesign who I found via his Instagram. I was so pleased that this sideboard was still up for grabs. Speaking to Raphael I told him what colours I was looking for and style on which he mocked up several designs for me to choose from. This is the final result and I’m over the moon how well it came out.  I really like the asymmetric pattern: it has a clean design but still playful by not being symmetric. I really like the pink colour and wanted to incorporate it somehow, without risking getting bored of it in the future, hence only on the handles. Should I want to change the colour of them myself, it should be easy. If you’re looking for a piece of furniture no one else owns, Raphael is your man.

Vintage Sideboard Customised Sideboard Customised Vintage SideboardWhite and Brown Sideboard

Prior to this sideboard I had the TV on a IKEA coffee table, in a dark brown/black colour. As much as I appreciate friends donating me furniture when I  first moved in and it serving the purpose, it didn’t match with the rest of my interior. This sideboard fits very well and it’s more multi functional. I can store plates, glasses and things i don’t want to have out in behind the doors and in the drawers. It also makes more room for all my candles, plants and heightens the TV slightly which is nice. Also, my big vacuum cleaner fits underneath so I don’t have to move it every time. Even though the sideboard is bigger than the previous coffee table, the corner of this room feels airier.

Vintage Lamp

I found this lamp on Facebook Marketplace. I’ve never bought anything from there before but will definitely keep my eyes peeled for more in the future. I don’t drive so buying furniture isn’t easy but the seller was happy to deliver for a couple more quids to make my life super easy. I’ve wanted a vintage floor lamp for a while now and when I was this I knew I had to get it. The green lampshade is so pretty. The mini tassels are the same colour as the handles on my sideboard which even though far  apart, they compliment each other. The foot is gold brass with a feather like pattern at the bottom. You can tell it’s a sturdy lamp and nothing cheap from the supermarket.

Vintage Livingroom Brass LampGreen Lamp Shade

How have you decorated your living room? Do you own new furniture, vintage or perhaps have a mix of them like myself? Have you ever bought products over social media?

Jennie xx