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Crowning My Booty with Empress Mimi

This is not an easy post to write and even harder to share with confidence. As like many others, I have issues with how I feel about my body. If you ask, I wouldn’t have any problems answering with all the wrongs with but I would struggle to find the positives. The part of my body I like the least is my bum/booty/ass/butt/behind or whatever name you’d like to give it. I don’t like that it’s so big. From behind, it makes my whole body look massive when I wear long cardigans or coats. If I wear shorter tops, I find my bum is all you can see. I can’t win trying to hide it or show it.

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I started to dislike my bum/think that it’s not attractive. I do recall getting a comment from a guy during my uni years saying that I was very attractive but that my bum was too big for his liking. What do I remember most from that conversation? That something is wrong with my booty – not that he liked everything else. I know! It’s so stupid of me to focus on a negative comment instead of the positives and for letting one comment like that still stick in my head for such a long time! My uni days are so far behind than I’d like to admit.

Since Easter this year, I’ve been going to the gym regularly and I can happily say that I see a change physically and feel it mentally. I feel so much healthier on a mental level for exercising and working up a daily sweat. I also notice that I can fit in smaller sized clothes and wear them with more confidence which is a real nice feeling. Slowly I’m starting to feel the same about wearing underwear.

Empress Mimi The Mermaid Box Empress Mimi underwear

I usually buy the big Bridget Jones type of knickers to hide my bum in and never would I dream about wearing a thong. Since being introduced to Empress Mimi, I’ve sightly changed my view on the size and model I wear. They sent me a box with three lovely pairs of panties to help me crown my booty. I must say wearing sexy underwear sure help with my body confidence. Looking at the following pictures and I realise the butt I have is part of who I am. I might not like it in real life but in pictures (not retouched, only filtered) it doesn’t look that bad, lol.

Earlier this year I most likely wouldn’t have thought I’d be wearing underwear like this, let alone showing them to you here on the blog. I’ve been thinking about whether I should do this or not for a long time. Finally I decided to do it, I only live once. The reason I’ve decided to is because I’m hoping it’ll help me like my butt more and also to show you how the Empress Mimi underwear actually looks on a someone like me. Sharing and outing is the first step to learning to deal with it and maybe one day also love it. Right?!

Empress Mimi White Panties Empress Mimi red panties

About Empress Mimi

Empress Mimi is a monthly underwear subscription delivery that send a box each month with new lingerie of your choice. They have three different boxes to choose from; The Mermaid Box (£25), The Siren Box (£40) and The empress Box (£70). I was sent the Mermaid Box* which includes three pairs of undies and it’s most likely the only box option I would continue with. I don’t feel the need of investing in new bras or bodysuits every month but knickers is always good to stock up on. The second biggest box includes a full underwear set and the biggest box accessories on top of that.

Empress Mimi has kindly also provided me with a discount code (15% off your first box) for you all reading this. If you’d like to sign up, simply use LIFESTYLEDBYJ15 at the checkout. You can stop and pause your subscription whenever you want. Check out their social media channel for more inspiration.

I think the biggest issue for me to overcome is that none of my body parts are something I chose for myself. I don’t care if people don’t like my tattoos, clothes I wear, my interior style, where I work, live or go travelling. The difference is that all my material things and the lifestyle I lead are all my own choices – my body parts aren’t. The choice I have to make is weather I accept the body I have or not. After writing and sharing this post, I want to start to accept my body and butt for what it is.

So tell me, which part of your body do you like the least and why? Would you feel confident enough to show it to the world?

Jennie xx

*PR sample. All views are my own.


  • Tina

    Yes Jennie! You look amazing!! Definitely inspiring to see you share this post because I think it speaks to most people. Even people who are often showing their underwear online have confidence issues at times.

    I must say, you have a body to be jealous of and it’s great that you’re working on it even more! You look gorgeous, but you always do. The underwear is fab too! xx

    • Jennie

      Thanks Tina! This means a LOT to hear and I’m hoping now that I’ve dipped in to more personal writing I can keep more posts like this coming. They’re hard to write though.

      The underwear is lovely, I especially like the red ones and wish I could get more of those 😊 x

  • Charlotte

    Jennie, you are a wonderful person inside and out. Your body is gorgeous and I’m so happy that you have shared the post because you deserve to be ever so confident as that bootay is fabulous. I know everyone that will read this will be rooting for you. You go gal!

    • Jennie

      Thanks Charlotte 😊 So nice of you to say and the same goes for you! I’m happy to have shared this post too, was nerve wrecking at first but seeing the good response has been worth it. x

  • Emelie Bertholdson

    Självklart är du skitsnygg, men det vet du att jag tycker, oavsett kroppsform. För det beror främst på vem du är, din personlighet är det man ser långt före din kropp. Det gäller inte alla men med dig är det det första man tänker på!

    Och vad var det för douche som överhuvudtaget tyckte att han hade rättighet att säga nåt oönskat om din kropp?! #metoo på den liksom…

    • Jennie

      Detta är anledningen till att du är min bästa vän! Du säger alltid sanningen och på ett så bra sätt dessutom. Jag är glad att ha den personligheten jag har, skulle jag inte alls vilja ändra på! En vacker dag kommer jag förhoppningsvis vara nöjd med utsidan också 😊

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