Corners of my Home

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I’ve shared a few photos from corners of my home. The hashtag #cornersofmyhome is what inspired me to share them with you here as well. I’ve lived in this flat for nearly two years now and I really love it. More and more areas are starting to shape up and although there are more things I’d like to do, I have a couple of favourite spaces.

Corners of my Bedroom

Rail wardrobeBed with pillows

The bedroom is fairly big with a lot of empty space. I’ve kept it simple with a rail and tall chest of drawers to keep my clothes in. I didn’t want a bulky wardrobe to take up space and potentially block out light. The rail is my favourite and lately also my bed. It’s always been a favourite because I love sleep but more so now when it looks good too.

What I’d like to add to the room is an arm chair, more so for the feel it’ll give the room rather than me making it to good use. It’ll most likely see clothes hanging on it. I’d also like to invest in some prints to hang over the bed. I’m used to the blank walls but when I see photos of the room, it looks rather bare.

Corners of my Bathroom

Pink bathroom

The bathroom is the first room to be decorated when I moved in. When I knew I was moving to this flat, the first thing I bought was a flamingo shower curtain. You all know I love flamingos! The curtain is what set the colour scheme for the rest of the room. Pink bin, pink bunting, pink rugs, pinks accessories.

All I need to add here is a decent bag to keep my towels in. They’re currently in a small ikea bag (of course) but I’d like to replace it with a nice wicker bag.

Corners of my Kitchen

Yellow kitchen accessories Breakfast table

The Kitchen is the least homely space in my flat. It’s sad really. I think if it was more me, I’d probably make moreover of an effort to cook more than I already do. I’d like to get my shelves up above the sink where I could decorate with some kitcheny accessories and already then it would lift the kitchen so much. Just like the dining table did. That’s my favourite part, especially the end of it where I have a couple of prints and fresh flowers when possible.

Corners of my Living Room

Corner sofa Living room decoration Top of drinks trolley

The living room is point with the kitchen, only slightly separated by my sofas scheslong. I love the sofa, it’s so big, comfy and cleverly. The scheslong can be lifted up to hold storage and the other side’s bottom bit can be drawn out to make it into a sofa bed. The end of the sofa I saw gorgeous to sit on when the sunshine comes through the balcony doors.

Opposite is where I have my home made drinks trolley and fruit basket bookcase. I love both of these, perhaps because I’ve made them myself. My next project for the living room is to update the current TV stand. It’s black so doesn’t fit in with the rest of my flats theme. Watch this space to find out what I do.

What do you think to my flat? What are your favourite corners of your home?

Jennie xx