Manahatta Greek Street

There’s a second Manahatta in Leeds. On the other side of town, on Greek Street. This bar has promises of being a daytime oasis as opposed to the one on Merrion Street attracting more of an evening crowd. Looking at Greek Street’s food menu you can see this, lots and lots of brunch options which I’d love to come back and try one day.

It’s a stunning bar with high ceilings and gorgeous interior styling. I really like the lamps hanging down from the ceiling and the upstairs blue leather sofa going all round the wall is too cool. Combined with dark wooden tables, neon lights and graffiti inspired walls, it’s like being thrown over to New York and its 20’s Manhattan.

Manahatta lights Manahatta cocktail bar Manahatta interior

What intrigues me most about Manahatta though is their wide choice of cocktails. On their soft launch evening I got a chance to sample a fair few and hardly any of them are anyone I’ve tried before. I can’t say I’m a cocktail expert but I do love one or two now and again so I consider I’ve tried a fair few that Leeds has to offer. The Alchemist for example have lot of fun and quirky cocktails but taste wise I don’t think they bring much to the table. I can make tasteful cocktails of my own but they might not be that quirky or fun to look at. In comes Manahatta.

Have you ever tried a ‘Central Park’ before with a strong taste of basil? No, I didn’t think so but at Manahatta you can. This cocktail really fascinated me both in colour and taste. Their ‘Loose Goose’ is another cocktail with a fascinating taste experience from flavours like pear, fig, almond etc. I find Manahatta has really hit the nail on the head with their cocktails menu, making sure the drink are equally attractive to they eye as ones taste buds.

Here’s a list of the cocktails I tried on the evening. You can probably find the pattern that I like fresh drinks, preferably gin based.

Manahatta Spritz – Tanqueray gin, lemon, Campari, Manahatta cordial, grapefruit soda

Manahatta Spritz

Central Park – Bombay Sapphire gin, lemon, basil, sugar. Citrus and lemon combine in a vibrant and herbaceous sour

Central Park

Linaje Libre – Santa Teresa Linaje rum, Manahatta cordial, orange, bitters, ginger beer

Linaje Libre

Loose Goose – Grey Goose pear vodka, fig, sherry, almond, absinthe, lemon, Prosecco

Loose Goose

Cucumber Cooler – Hendrick’s gin, St Germain, Giffard grapefruit, pineapple and passion fruit syrup, mint, Prosecco

Cucumber Cooler

Sherbert Sipper II – Portobello Road gin, Manahatta cordial, lemon, sherbet

Sherbert Sipper II

Elysium Fields – Hendrick’s Gin, vermouth, Benedictine, Absinthe

Elysium Fields

Which of these cocktails would you go for? Have you been to either of the Manahatta locations?

Jennie xx