Climbing Ingleborough Mountain

Last weekend, I went to Clapham with two friends and we climbed Ingleborough mountain. I’m very proud of us all that we made it and came back in one piece. It’s a fantastic walk, so beautiful and I’d love to do it all over again or maybe even the Yorkshire three peaks. We were really lucky with the weather, I don’t own any walking/hiking gear but managed well in my colourful trainers. Leaving Clapham around lunchtime and not being back until 8pm gave room for many thoughts during the walk.

Ingleborough Mountain

1. After the first 5 minutes, “Are we there yet?”

2. I could NEVER do the three peaks in one day!

3. Why aren’t there more people walking in the same direction as us.

4. Why is is custom to always say hi to strangers you meet on a hike? You wouldn’t if it was out on the street.

5. This is the most gorgeous place I’ve ever been to.

6. I want to take a sheep selfie.

7. I’ve never felt so alive in my whole life.

8. I can’t breath!

9. People who do the three peaks, they can’t have time to enjoy the view.

View from Ingleborough mountain

10. Why am I not hungry?

11. I can totally run up those 500 steps.

12. After 20 steps or so, I can’t breath!

13. Is that the mountain?

14. We’re so high up (at the top of Little Ingleborough).

Top of Little Ingleborough

15. Ingleborough mountain doesn’t look that steep.

16. We’re a lot higher up now.

17. Wow, there’s a lot of traffic at the top of the mountain.

Top of Ingleborough Mountain

18. The pictures doesn’t really do it justice.

19. Is that the sea we can see?

20. At the top, eating a subway sandwich – I am sooo hungry!

21. Why is everyone walking a different route to us?

22. It’s so quiet and peaceful.

23. My legs a are shaking, I’ll be in pain tomorrow.

24. I’m not walking the same way back.

25. I really want to take a sheep selfie.

26. The gorge is cool but I wouldn’t want to walk it downhill.

Ingleborough Gorge

27. I’m going to fall any second.

28. I’m going to fall any second and die.

29. I’m going to fall any second and break my leg.

30. I wish we’d taken the same route back.

31. I want to do this every weekend.

Sheep selfie

There you have it, all of the thoughts I had (willing to share), when climbing Ingleborough mountain. Have you ever climbed a mountain? I can’t wait to go again, so much fun and liberating!

Jennie xx