Christmas treats and drinks

It’s less than a week till Christmas! As always, it’s come around quick. I decorated my flat at the beginning of December, in time for the first of advent. I prefer the build up so I want to enjoy the decorations for as long as possible. The biggest part of Christmas is the food and drinks and although I’m not hosting any Christmas parties or gatherings, it’s nice to have some treats and alcoholic drinks available.

Christmas treats and drinks Christmas drinks

A Christmas Spin with Gin

Normally I would put prosecco and mulled wine at the top of the list for Christmas tipples but this year I’m finding myself drinking gin. Not only because it contains less calories but because supermarkets are clever launching Christmas flavoured ones.

Marks & Spncer’s Christmas Gin*

My favourite is definitely M&S’ Christmas Gin. It has flavours of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, juniper, coriander and angelica. All the festive spices combined with fresh gin botanicals. Paired together with Fevertree’s Clementine tonic, with hint of cinnamon it can’t smell more of Christmas than it does. It’s like drinking a freshly peeled clementine. I don’t think it can get more Christmassy than this and I love that it’s in the form of gin.

Christmas Gin

The Infusionist Gingerbread Gin Liqueur

Aldi is selling a gin liqueur with gingerbread flavour!!! When I saw it on the shelf I couldn’t resist buying it. The bottle is stunning and I’m a sucker for labels when buying alcohol. This is best served on its own, pored over some ice. It’s delicious and very easy to drink. It smells quite sweet but it’s actually not when drinking. In fact, it’s very spicy and tickles your tongue with ginger flavours. A great winter warmer.

Gingerbread Gin

Gordon’s Gin & Tonic Flavoured Drink*

If you don’t want to get tipsy, or perhaps are a designated driver, but still want to enjoy the gin taste, Gordon’s Gin has launched a 0.5% alcohol range. They currently have two flavours: traditional hint of lime and one with a hint of grapefruit. The bottles are pretty looking and only contain 67.5 calories each. Already mixed and ready to drink you only need to sort the ice, lime or grapefruit depending on which flavour you get.

Gordon's Gin & Tonic Flavoured Drinks

A Christmas Delight Worth Every Bite

Christmas treats are not all about liquids, we need something to bite into as well. It’s the chocolate tins we all want to dip our hands into whenever possible during the festivities. Chocolate is the main treat at Christmas so of course that’s what I’ve got on my list but also some homemade fudge and a lighter bite too.

Christmas treats

M&S Chocolaty Treats*

Marks & Spencer has a full range of Christmas party food, savoury and sweet. I see myself as a savoury person but when asked to pick out #MyMarksFave I ended up picking all from the sweet treat isle. All chocolate based as well. Belgian Milk Chocolate Mint Cream Biscuits is a mouthful to say and to eat! They’re very similar to Oreos but instead of a cream layer they have a mint filling and dipped in milk chocolate. Very rich but with a fresh taste. The green tin makes these a perfect gift.

Booze doesn’t always have to be served as a liquid, it can be disguised in chocolate pralines. This Mixologist’s Box is a gorgeous gift box full of boozy chocolates. They look stunning and match in colour to the tipple they contain. I have only tried the Mojito one and it’s delicious. Very true to the flavour of mojito and the booze isn’t liquid at all but instead a soft cream. The other flavours are: Espresso Martini, Mai Tai, Hot Toddy, Kir Royale and Cosmopolitan.

Boozy chocolate

The last box I picked up from M&S is the cracker inspired container filled with Cocoa Dusted Liquid Salted Caramels. I love a chocolate and salt combination and these do the trick for me. Salty caramel filling coated in milk chocolate. These will easily be consumed one after the other without stopping.

Cocoa dusted liquid salted caramels

Home Made Saffron Fudge

I have recently discovered a Swedish food blog – Frida’s Bakblogg. She makes the most amazing bakes and of course nearing Christmas, sharing loads of recipes full of Christmas flavours. Traditionally I would make ‘Lussekatter’ at this time of year but they are a lot of effort. When I spotted Frida’s recipe for saffron fudge, I knew I had to give them a go instead. It’s a simple recipe, including only three ingredients: white chocolate, condensed milk and saffron. They’re not as cute as Lussekatter but brings that hint of the same flavour – saffron. Mine came out less yellow and I think it’s because I didn’t have powder saffron but the taste is there.

Saffron Fudge

Popcorn Shed’s Gourmet Popcorn*

For someone who’s thinking more about healthier snack options, popcorn are ideal. They might not be as fun though simply served with salt or sweet depending on what you like. Enters Popcorn Shed! They’re a brand wanting to make popcorn more fun and tastier whilst still staying on a low calorie count. These cute boxes will look great on the Christmas snacks table and I’m sure both kids and adults will reach for a handful. From Peacan Pie to Peanut Butter, Chocolate Berry to Salted Caramel, Popcorn Shed has many fun flavours to choose from. My favourites turned out to be the raspberry and chocolate flavoured ones. It’s surprising as I’d always choose salty over sweet popcorn any other time.

Popcorn Shed Gourmet Popcorn

What Christmas treats are you serving this year? What’s your go to tipple over the festive season?

Jennie xx

*PR samples. I have kindly been given these treats in return for a blog post. All words, views and photos are as always my own.