Blogmas day 23

Getting in to the Christmas spirit has been difficult this year. I think the warm weather plays a big part in that but also working all the way up to Christmas Day doesn’t really help. Featuring blogmas posts every day has got me excited and even more so towards the end. The visit to The Mustard Pot’s Christmas Teepee the other evening is as far to Christmas as I can get until the holiday itself.

I’ve never been in a teepee before, or so I think. I might have, back in the day as a school kid when we learned about different Swedish cultures. Anyway, I can certainly say I’ve never set my foot in a massive Christmas Teepee until now.

Christmas TeePee

The Mustard Pot’s Christmas Teepee

It’s amazing! I’d love to have one in the garden but the “tent” is too big and our garden is too small. It literally feels like you’re sitting outside but at the same time, inside. I’m a bit of a cold one so I kept my coat and scarf on for the whole time, even my hat for the first half. The only heat in the tent is the log fire at the entrance and candles on each table. All the fairy lights and the Christmas decorations in the ceiling are lovely, they give a very Christmassy and cosy feeling to the teepee.

Christmas Wreath

What better drink to have than some mulled wine. It was really nice and sweet, almost spot on as how the Swedish mulled wine (glögg) tastes like. It went down really well but maybe a bit too easy.

Mulled Wine

The teepee has been up since beginning of December and will stay up till January 3rd. So if you live in Leeds and you’re nearby, don’t miss out visiting The Mustard Pot’s Christmas Teepee, in Chapel Allteron, to enjoy a festive drink. I imagine New Year’s Eve will be fully packed. I quite like the idea but not if it’s going to be packed. We came at a good time with plenty of tables to choose from.

Inside Christas TeePee

Have you ever been in a teepee?

Jennie xx