This month is #SecondHandSeptember, which means we should try where possible to buy used products in vintage and charity shops. Have you made any conscious decisions to reduce your consumption of new things? I find it really hard not to buy new things but I’m happy for them to be second hand, it doesn’t bother me. Maybe not everything, but you get the jist. If I can save £5 buying a book that’s only been read once before, for one I’ll most likely also only read once, it’s a bargain. Buying second hand clothes has other benefits than being cheaper than on the high street. You’re most likely going to walk around in clothes very few others also wear.

Last weekend, I headed over to Headingley in Leeds as it’s the city’s second hand and charity shops Mecca. I’ve not been for years so thought it was due time and spoiler alert – I’ll be back soon. Charlotte joined me and we had a fab afternoon buying lots for pennies our bank accounts won’t mind loosing. For only £25 I walked home with the following.


I picked up thee pieces of clothing, all at different prices but no more than a fiver each. To start, I found a fleece jacket for only £3. It might not sound fun but definitely something I’m in need of. I’ve already used it once during a walk in Ilkley and I’m planning to bring it with me later this month when I go to the Lake District.

Black fleece jacketQuechou fleece jacket

Secondly, in passing, I spotted a colourful jumpsuit (originally from New Look) and wasn’t sure at it’s only a size 10. For £5 I thought it was worth trying it on and it fits like a glove. I normally don’t dress so colourful but there’s something about it that caught my eye. I got lots of compliments for it when I was wearing it to work one day. Head to my Instagram to see how it looks on.

Charity Shops Headingley LeedsCoral Jumpsuit

Lastly, a top I bought more for fun than something I need. Again, patterned but on a black base so it doesn’t feel too out there. I wasn’t too sure about the high collar but I really like it, almost as much as the sleeves. It will be perfect for smart casual occasions so in a way it’s something I need. I never feel that I have something to put on when i need to look nice but a dress is over the top. I got this previous Top Shop to for £5.

Topshop flowery blouseFlowery blouse


As soon as we stepped into The British Heart Foundation’s charity shop, I spotted this bag and said “I love it as much as I hate it”. I love skulls and this has plenty of them. I wasn’t too sure about the tassels but the longer I’ve owned it, the more I love it. For £6 it would have been silly of me to leave it behind.

Black tassel bagSkull bag

Books and Records

My record collection has grown loads since I shared this post two years ago. It goes in periods when I add to the library but when I do, it’s always second hand copies. This time I picked up Bonnie Tyler’s Greatest Hits album from the vintage shop in Hyde Park. I have walked past plenty of times, out of hours, so when I walked past this time and it was open, I popped in.

I wasn’t really looking for books but this was on display and for £2 I didn’t see why I shouldn’t read it. I love country music and is there anyone bigger than Johnny Cash? I’m really intrigued by his story, to hear it from himself rather than watching the great film that is ‘Walk the Line’.

Vintage Records and Books

What do you think of my charity shop finds? Have you bought and bargains lately?

Jennie xx