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Food & Drink is the category we're you can expect to find tips of restaurants and bars to go to in Leeds. There's always new places opening up so make sure to keep an eye out for the latest food places. Some restaurants I've been invited to visit in an exchange for writing a blog post. Others I have been to on my own accord and enjoyed so much I feel a blog post has to be written. Not to mention food photography, I love it so much and have to share. I will at least share one food related post as month!

  • Shoot the Bull meal deal

    Shoot the Bull in Trinity Kitchen

    Trinity Kitchen* has yet again changed the street food line-up. I went to check them out and absolutely fell in love with Shoot the Bull from Hull. They’re definitely the star of the show this time around. When I read about them it was the sound of their seafood mac n’ cheese and rice balls that I liked the sound of. However, their menu changes depending on location. In Trinity Kitchen, they’ve focused on beef burgers, chips and the Canadian special – poutine. Shoot the Bull Poutine I’ve never had poutine before but I love trying new foods so gave it a go. Poutine is a Canadian dish consisting of…

  • The Deer Park Food

    Dining in Style at The Deer Park in Leeds

    The Deer Park in Leeds has had a refurbish. I’ve not been before so I can’t say how it looked previously but who cares when the new interior is this fabulous?! The Deer Park reopened a couple of weeks ago and prior to that, I was invited to check out how they had done up the place, over tasty food and refreshing cocktails* (of course). The Deer Park Interior Already from the outside you can tell that The Deer Park isn’t your regular local pub. Leading up to the entrance of the grand white building you’re met with an outdoor seating and glassed in patio. Both looking very cosy, especially…

  • Eating at Red's True Barbecue

    Meat Feast at Red’s True Barbecue in Leeds

    Let there be meat! I am a meat eater. I love meat and I’m not ashamed of saying it. Meat doesn’t have to feature in every meal I eat but I could never give it up. It’s too tasty! Funnily enough, being a meat eater n’ all, I can’t believe that I’ve never set foot in a Red’s True Barbecue restaurant until this year. Spoiler alert! – I’ll definitely be back. Red’s True Barbecue* kindly invited me and a plus one along to sample some of their new dishes as well as some classics. I was overwhelmed with the massive menu so really happy that someone had already decided what…

  • Yard & Coop Chicken Restaurant

    Yard & Coop | Buttermilk Fried Chicken Restaurant

    There’s a new chicken restaurant in Leeds. Yard & Coop* has finally opened up its doors at the bottom of Merrion Street. If you find yourself in Leeds’ “Northern Quarter” make sure to stop here for a bite to eat or if you’re on a night out, go for a couple of drinks. Nando’s is overrated, this is the hot bird place you want to queue outside for. Let me tell you why! Yard & Coop serve buttermilk fried chicken to perfection. The batter is crisp and the chicken is mouth melting good. Not a dry meat string in site. All their meals are valuabley priced. For £10 you get…

  • Sweet Yorkshire Pudding

    Wrapping It Up with The York Roast Co.

    Yorkshire puddings or pancakes? What’s your pick? Last year I said pancakes without any hesitation as they’re so variable. Savoury pancakes with salmon and cream cheese – yummy. Sweet pancakes with ice cream and chocolate sauce – also yummy! Yorkshire puddings – only on a roast dinner. After eating at The York Roast Co. in York*, I’m prepared to change my answer. The York Roast Co. ChoccyPud Wrap The York Roast Co. are famous for their YorkyPud Wrap – a roast dinner wrapped up in a Yorkshire pudding. It made this family owned company go viral a couple of years back. For pancake day this year, they again broke boundaries…