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Food & Drink is the category we're you can expect to find tips of restaurants and bars to go to in Leeds. There's always new places opening up so make sure to keep an eye out for the latest food places. Some restaurants I've been invited to visit in an exchange for writing a blog post. Others I have been to on my own accord and enjoyed so much I feel a blog post has to be written. Not to mention food photography, I love it so much and have to share. I will at least share one food related post as month!

  • Bill's Bar interior

    Bill’s Restaurant in Leeds

    Bill’s opened up three years ago in Leeds and it’s taken me till this year before visiting. In all honesty, I didn’t see the hype or the need to go, until now. Before, it was just another breakfast and brunch place which looked the same as all the others. Now, they’ve had a total makeover, making it a quirky space full of details to feast your eyes on in the bar area. The restaurant has what I imagine a Cuban feel to it with plantation shutters and bold colours. Aside from checking out the new interiors, my plus one and I got to try their food and drinks menu. Bar…

  • Midnight Bell food menu in Leeds

    Traditional Pub Food at The Midnight Bell

    Holbeck is slowly getting renovated and new buildings are starting to take form. The Midnight Bell has been around in this area for ages but recently had a refurbish and also an updated food menu. I went to try out their latest traditional pub food additions. Previously only having been for drinks in their beer garden, I was excited to dine in their upstairs area. The Midnight Bell Interior I’ve never been upstairs before so I can’t compare to previously but now, The Midnight Bell has an old school loving room feel to it. I love all their lampshades and the fact that furniture is tastefully mismatched. Quirky interior accessories…

  • Bordeaux Wine & Food Night at Vanguard

    Bordeaux Wine and Food Night at Vanguard

    Vanguard is a newly opened up restaurant on Duncan Street in Leeds. It’s the same owners as The Domino Club and Rolands. If you’ve ever been to either of those venues, you know Vanguard has the same high standard. So far, my only visit was on a night when they organised a Bordeaux wine and food event. Vanguard Vanguard is wedged between Veeno and Mommy Thai on Duncan Street. It’s a very small place so easy to miss if you’re unaware. Their wooden blinds are always down which makes it look like a closed down venue but once you’re in, you realise the reason for the closed blind. As soon…

  • Portobello Road Gin

    Classic Gin Cocktails with Portobello Road Gin

    Gin is my go to spirit. Even more so when I learnt it’s the best if you’re wanting to keep your calorie intake on the low. A gin and slimline tonic is around 60 calories, compared to a pint of beer which is around 200. I have yet to decide which my favourite gin brand is, there are too many fighting for the top position, but I know a good brand when I see it. Ever heard of Portobello Road Gin? Of course you have but perhaps you’ve not been acquainted with some of the classic cocktails you can make with it. I was invited to a gin masterclass with…

  • Archive Leeds

    Archive | New Independent Coffee Shop in Leeds

    The longest and most boring stretch of my bike ride to and from work is along Kirkstall Road. I can cycle for minutes thinking there’s no life to it. Behind the scenes and if you looks closer, there totally is! Most popular is likely to be Temple Coffee & Donuts. Although hidden, it’s attracting people to the area which is great. Starting to bridge its gap from city centre, on the opposite end of the road, Archive* has opened up. I spotted it from the sidelines during its development and not long after it opened up, I was excited to check it out. You bet I love the yellow, black…