The recipe category is where you'll find different recipes that I have tried and enjoy. Expect recipes of food, bakes and drinks. The recipes aren't necessarily ones I've come up with myself but the original source for inspiration is listed.

  • Shortbread Tea Bag Biscuits

    Royal Shortbread Tea Bag Biscuits

    Anyone else having a royal wedding party this weekend? I’m not throwing the party myself (thank goodness) but my friend is and she’s going all out. The invite arrived months ago, all royally themed, including the dress code: anything British. We’ll be drinking Pimms and eating all the typical British food. My assignment for the party, to bake royal shortbread tea bag biscuits. I didn’t think they look that hard to make and they aren’t but it did take me quite a while. So worth it though. If you’re having a party this weekend, I can really recommend making these for a bit of a British novelty. Shortbread Tea Bag…

  • Summer Cocktails with Pago

    Summer Cocktails with Pago

    Summer is around the corner and over the bank holiday weekend we got a good indication of how nice it could be. I really hope we’ll get more sunny days throughout the year. It’s so nice sitting outside on the balcony sipping away on tasty summer cocktails. In all honesty, it’s not often that I make cocktails, mixing a G&T or grabbing a cold beer from the fridge is easier but when I was recently sent a couple of bottles of Pago* juice to try , my first thought was to use them as cocktail ingredients. You might recognise their juice from the bottles, rather than the name. I did…

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Did you know that last month was Peanut Butter Lovers month? I had no idea, even though I love peanut butter, until Innovative Bites* got in touch and said they’d like to treat me to a couple of samples. Oh boy, was there a lot of samples and I found myself wondering what to do with it all. I thought the best way to use a lot in one go was to bake so I made Peanut Chocolate Chip Cookies with the Peanut Butter Chocolate bars. It’s a really simple recipe, I simply used this from BBC Good Food and swapped the dark chocolate for milk chocolate bars filled with…

  • Pancake Day

    Pancake Day with Chocolate Chai

    Tomorrow is Pancake Day but because I’m not in (I’ll be munching away on pancakes at Angelica in Leeds) I made some at the weekend instead. Recently I received a bottle of Chocolate Chai* which I’ve been enjoying in tea but also milk (both recipes included on the back label) but I wanted to try this ingredient in something different to a drink. For Pancake Day I thought it would be cool to make my own chocolate sauce, with Chocolate Chai. If you’re a fan of chai lattes, this is a recipe for you. Normally I enjoy pancakes whit a bit of sugar and lemon but if you want to…

  • Pannacotta Recipe

    Easter Pannacotta Recipe

    Pannacotta is one of the easiest desserts to make, you just need a lot of patience. My friend mentioned that she made an even easier pannacotta for New Year’s Eve, that I wanted to try. I thought it would be perfect for Easter so I’m calling it Easter Pannacotta. I know it’s a while still till Easter but it’ll be around sooner than we know so why not plan ahead already for nice treats to make. Easter Pannacotta Recipe This pannacotta recipe is so simple, all you need is two ingredients; double cream and ‘Ahlgrens Bilar’. Ahlgrens Bilar are Swedish sweets, one of the bets kind. I buy mine at…