The recipe category is where you'll find different recipes that I have tried and enjoy. Expect recipes of food, bakes and drinks. The recipes aren't necessarily ones I've come up with myself but the original source for inspiration is listed.

  • Easter Baking Recipes

    Easy Easter Baking Recipes

    I prefer baking over cooking and I prefer Easter over any other holiday so why not combine the two loves and share a couple of easy Easter baking recipes? Hot Cross Bun Muffins I say I love Easter but it’s not till this year that I tried hot cross buns for the first time. My excuse is that we don’t have them in Sweden and that I don’t like raisins in bakes. In the last couple of years, so many new flavours, alongside the original recipe, has launched so even I can enjoy them. I have seen salted caramel and even blueberry hot cross buns but I bought the apple…

  • Cinnamon Porridge with Peanut Butter

    Three Easy, Quick and Healthy Go To Meals

    During the past five months, going to a PT and working hard to loose weight, I’ve eaten more than before, just the right things. I thought calorie counting and macro managing might be boring and hard but on the contrary I’ve found it really fun and interesting. I like meal prepping and coming up with new combinations of food to match what I’m allowed to eat. During this time, I have found a couple of favourites which I thought I’d share with you. Here are three quick and healthy meals for when I want something easy to make. Breakfast I’ve previously eaten Greek yoghurt, fresh fruit and seeds with a…

  • Sausage Salad

    Pheasant & Pear Sausage Salad

    I’ll be honest, I’m not a massive  fan of sausages – I prefer hot dogs. If I have to eat them (not that anyone has ever forced me), I think vegetarian options are tastier than pork BUT when I discovered that Wild and Game makes sausages with pheasant meat, I had to give them a try. Wild and Game* specialize in British game meats, sausages and pies. They’re all stuffed with protein which is what you need for a healthy diet. Pheasant meat for example has less fat, lower cholesterol and more protein than chicken. I have a couple of wild boar and venison steak in the freezer which I…

  • Vegan cinnamon swirls

    Vegan Cinnamon Swirls a la Shortbread Style

    When I was tasked to bake something for the work bake-off I had no idea what to make at first. As we have two members in our team who are vegan, I knew I wanted to bake something which they too can eat. Twitter is great when in need of help and through it I discovered Vegan Richa. I had a quick brows through her cake and cookie recipes and was instantly draw not to these vegan cinnamon swirls a la shortbread style. Cinnamon swirls are very popular in Sweden and shortbread in England so I thought it would be the perfect combination seeing I’m now Swenglish (Swedish + English).…

  • Stand Mixer closed

    Biscuit Baking with JD Williams Stand Mixer

    I love baking but it takes up a lot of time. I prefer baking over cooking as I find it easier to follow a recipe over adding whatever ingredients and amount of it you fancy. Now that I’ve got myself a fancy JD Williams stand mixer* my baking will be easier and hopefully take less time. Over the weekend just gone, I took it for a spin, making citrus biscuits. JD Williams Stand Mixer This is the perfect size stand mixer and it’s so sleek looking so I can have it on display in the kitchen all the time. I don’t have a choice really as I don’t have much…