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Food & Drink is the category we're you can expect to find tips of restaurants and bars to go to in Leeds. There's always new places opening up so make sure to keep an eye out for the latest food places. Some restaurants I've been invited to visit in an exchange for writing a blog post. Others I have been to on my own accord and enjoyed so much I feel a blog post has to be written. Not to mention food photography, I love it so much and have to share. I will at least share one food related post as month!

  • Healthy Ice Cream Snack

    Healthy Snack Ideas for Sweet Tooths

    Have you got a sweet tooth? I do! I hate that I can’t stay away from sweet treats but I have learnt that by allowing myself healthy sweet snacks now and again, I can control the urge. It is harder at a certain time of the month, I’m not going to lie. Then all I want is to clear out the whole chocolate isle in any store – sign me up to Supermarket Sweep! But for the most of the time, I do really well. For those times when I fancy a sweet snack, I have a couple of healthy snack ideas which minimise the calorie intake, ups your protein…

  • Slingsby Gin Master Distiller

    Become a Slingsby Gin Master Distiller

    Like so many others these days, I own a drinks trolley. What I can proudly say, that may single me out slightly, is that I made my own (read here how) and that one of the bottles on it, is a gin that I distilled myself. In June, I headed to The Spirit of Harrogate and took part in Slingsby Gin’s Master Distillery class. As a testament to the 2-hour long class, I brought back my own flavoured and distilled bottle of gin. A gin I like to call Citrus Curiosity. The Spirit of Harrogate I have never been to the Slingsby shop before but it’s unmissable in Harrogate with…

  • Duck Hearts

    Tasting Yakitori (Japanese Barbecue) at Iroko in Leeds

    I’ve written about Vanguard’s themed food events before. Since then they have changed name to Iroko but the interior, menu and concept stays the same. I’ve been back for coffee and cake and also another foodie themed event: this time their Japanese night. £20 a ticket for a full Yakitori experience, served with Japanese beer and whiskey. Yakitori Evening at Iroko Yakitoro is very popular in Japan, as an after work treat hanging out with friends. At Iroko, you can experience this every second Thursday, during two sittings: 6.30pm or 8.30pm. Yakitori is a style of Japanese barbecue which Iroko’s menu celebrates in the form of five different skewer dishes.…

  • Poison Bar Leeds

    Taking a Gin Journey around Leeds with Slingsby Gin

    Let’s go on a gin journey around Leeds. A Slingsby gin journey to be more exact! A couple of days ahead of the event, our meeting point was revealed but the rest of the bars involved came as a surprise throughout the day. During four or so hours, we talked, learnt and sipped on nothing but gin. It was gin o’clock all afternoon. Slingsby Gooseberry | Poison Bar Our gin journey ended at Slingsby’s beginning and started with their most recent gin flavour: gooseberry, which happens to be my favourite of theirs. I like it best served with Mediterranean tonic but the bartenders at Poison Bar in Leeds made a…

  • Arts Restaurant Leeds

    Arts in Leeds | Where Food Portraits Like a Piece of Art

    Arts Restaurant, former known as Arts Cafe, on Call Lane has a new head chef and I was invited to try their new menu, before its official launch. Arts has been around for 20 odd years and I’ve been a couple of times before. It’s the perfect lunch spot during a full day of shopping but at night turns into a cosy high end restaurant. It’s actually interesting how it’s doing so well, surrounded by mainly bars, but the truth is, the food is too good not to come back for more. If I thought the food was great when it was Arts Cafe, Simon Turner’s new menu is that…