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  • Exercising in the morning

    Motivational Reasons for Exercising in the Morning

    We all have our preferences when it comes to what type of exercise we enjoy and feel is beneficial for us. The same goes for the time of the day when we do it. I prefer a workout in the morning over evening. Previously I never thought it would be possible during the work week, only at weekends but after a couple of months of trying it out, I’ve found that exercising in the morning really works for me. If you’re thinking of starting your day with exercise, here are a couple of tips which will hopefully motivate you but before I start, worth noting is that I’m flexible with…

  • Women's Running 10k

    Turning a Disappointment into an Achievement | Women’s Running 10K

    It’s a week and a bit since I completed Women’s Running 10k in Temple Newsam. It was their first visit to Leeds and also the last race in their 10k series this year. I was really excited to run the race and that it would be in Temple Newsam, rather than along boring Kirkstall Road like most other Leeds based 10ks. I had been training prior to the run and the week before, my long run felt really good and I thought I’d be able to reach my aim – finish just under an hour. This did not happen and I was really upset with myself passing the finish line. In…

  • Post-Workout Smoothies

    Post-Workout Smoothies for all Tastes and Exercise

    I love the feeling right after a run! I feel so energised and good about myself, it’s as if I could conquer the world (think away the heavy panting, sweat dripping down my red face and uncomfortable walking – in my mind, I’m as fit as a fiddle). I never want the feeling to go away so I know how important it is to fuel up fairly quickly after a run to maintain the high I’m on. Because my body is so worked up, I can’t seem to process a massive meal after a run or workout. For me, a smoothie is the best option. When Simplyhealth* got in touch…

  • How to get back into running

    How to get back into running

    I’ve not been running for almost two months. It’s really bad but summer sort of got in the way. I was really proud of myself completing a 10k mid summer in just over an hour and I was am determined to be able to complete the same distance in under an hour, my ultimate goal! I’ve not given up and neither should you so here’s a few tips on how to get back into running. Take your time When I’ve decided for something, I want it to happen straight away. Sadly, a 10k run in under an hour (my goal) won’t happen over night, especially not after being out of…

  • Gung-Ho

    Gung-Ho | Why once and never again

    Do you remember my running post, the one where I listed several reasons I go running? I have another thing to add to that list: quirky races like Gung-Ho. I’m really glad I took part but I wouldn’t do the same run again. It’s still worth adding to my list, as I know there are other similar runs out there that I’d like to take part in. Gung-Ho came to Leeds, Temple Newsam to be exact, a couple of weeks ago which I and three of my colleagues signed up to as soon as we heard about it. We got super excited the week before and when driving there – despite…