Spicy Malgueta Chicken at Cabana

A few months back a new Brazilian restaurant, Cabana, opened in Leeds. It has opened up opposite Leeds Trinity Kitchen in the Trinity Shopping Centre. Lately a few Brazilian restaurants have popped up in the area but this is the only one I have been to so far and I’d love to go back.

Up-cycled interior

Cabana is a very stylish place but with a grungy feeling to it. Dark wooden floors and wooden tables. Chairs in different colours and sofa seating which has been made out of reused jeans and denim fabric. Even the candle holders are recycled, or up-cycled, as it can also be called. They had been made out of old tins and bottle caps. It’s not something you notice straight away so a very nice touch.

Cabana Menu

Cabana offer a lot of nice and interesting food, mainly meat but that’s to expect from a South American restaurant. The menu is very intriguing with all fun colours and prints.

List of food offers in CabanaSpicy Malgueta Chicken at Cabana

I went for one of their classics and there is no doubt as to why it has been chosen as a best seller. It’s the ‘Spicy Malgueta Chicken’ which is a whole skewer full of chicken and some grilled pepper. With that I ordered some sweet potato fries. It was absolutely delicious. The chicken is very tender and the spice ‘Malgueta’ is something special. Lovely taste and just enough spice to make it spicy to a level I prefer and like.Lemonade mocktail at Cabana

The drink and dessert offer is also very extensive but I couldn’t fit a pudding after have eaten so much chicken. It’s a lot of food and good for the money. You can’t compare it to Nando’s. I enjoyed a nice mocktail with a taste of lemon and lime, perfect refreshment.

It was a great evening visiting Cabana with lovely colleagues. I can really recommend this place if you love meat and it’s gorgeous food for a reasonable price. I’ll be back!

Have you been to Cabana? What did you think?

Jennie xx