I started bullet journaling a couple of years ago but last year I didn’t stick to it, for various reasons. This year I want to change that. Bullet journaling is a great way to stay on track with goals and feeling more organised. When I saw a deal on social media to get a brand new bullet journal notebook from Papier for cheap, I ordered one. It made sense to start completely fresh with a new year and a new notebook. This is my bullet journal setup for 2020.

Bullet Journal from Papier

Papier have SO many nice notebook designs to choose from! It took me a while to go through the list of dotted paper notebooks before deciding on this circus party design. Going over the designs a few times, I kept stopping at this every time. I love the design and the hard back cover. They also offer soft cover but since I like to bullet journal on the sofa sometimes, it’s nice to have a hard cover to rest on. I’m excited to try a new notebook aside from the Leuchtrum 1917 which I’ve used previously. As long as the notebook has dotted lines, it’ll be easy to set up.

Bullet Journal Setup

Bullet Journal Setup

Before setting up my bullet journal I spent a lot of time on Pinterest to source ideas for design, themes, outline, trackers, logs and everything in between. Aside from the essentials I narrowed down my yearly spreads to my main two focus areas for 2020: fitness and budgeting.


When I was setting up my bullet journal for 2020 I didn’t feel that inspired so I skipped adding a title page and instead started with my bullet journal key. You can decide what symbols you like to use but I’ve kept mine as close to the original bullet journal key as possible.

Bullet Journal Key


As this Papier notebook doesn’t have index pages, I’ve added two myself. I will be highlighting each month in a colour for an easy overview. If you want, you can add every single page but I like to summarise my monthly as I know that they include the same spreads every month. If I add something new outside of these, I’ll list them separately in my index.

Bullet Journal Index

Future Log

its always good to include a future log spread in your bullet journal. I keep it to the upcoming six months but you can do the full year over two spreads. I’ll add the next six months once plans for those are starting to come in. It’s a great overview to make sure you don’t double book yourself. It’s easy to say yes to something happening months ahead to later forgetting the exact date.

Bullet Journal Future Log

Vision Board

I have kept this spread blank for now as I’ve not fully decided how I want to outline my vision board for 2020. I know what to add to it in terms of goals and where I want to be at the end of the year. I’ll keep you updated with how this transforms.

Bullet Journal Vision Board

Budget and Savings Tracker

I have divided a dedicated budget spread into two pages, outlining my monthly budget on the left and how much and for what I want to save and pay off loans/debts. I purposely didn’t fill in the exact numbers before taking these photos. As happy I am to talk about money, I don’t need to show it in black and white for the world to see. I’ve also changed ‘fun’ to ‘life’ as it made more sense.

Bullet Journal Finance Tracker

Fitness Tracker

My last spread for 2020 is a tracker of my fitness journey. I want to continue my healthy lifestyle but I’d like to tone up a bit more and become stronger. I’ve included a tracker of my measurements which I’ll fill in monthly. Underneath I have a weight tracker where I’ll add my weekly weight up till summer. Putting everything in black on white helps motivate me to achieve the goals I know I can reach.

Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

For January, I chose a star and zodiac constellations theme. I don’t want to over complicate any of my themes as I want to make sure the look pretty but are still simple to design to save myself time. Each month has a title page, a calendar overview together with notes, things that I’m waiting on and a box where I can add ideas for my blog and social media. Following that, I have two trackers: a mood tracker and a monthly tracker.

Bullet Journal Monthly SpreadBuller Journal January Spread

Mood Tracker

My mood tracker is outlined using stars to fit the January monthly theme. I’ll fill in each star at the end of the day with a colour that match my mood. I have eight to choose from: happy, excited, sad, productive, tired, ugh!, relaxed and stressed. You can pick as many moods as you want to track. Some only do happy, sad or neutral.

Monthly Tracker

Here’s where I keep track of things that I do on a regular basis to see how well I’m getting on with them. Again, you can choose exactly what you want to track. If it’s how many glasses of water you drink to how often you order a takeaway. I have kept the same trackers from previous years but also left room for more if I’d like to add as I go along. In summary, I have listed fitness related tasks, house admin as well as keeping an eye on consistency here and on social media.

Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Once the month is set up, I continue with weekly spreads. I’m going to keep the same weekly layout for each month but when a new month comes along, the outline will look different. Keep an eye out each month to see how they change.

Previously, I didn’t use a weekly overview, I just added each day by the day as I never knew how many tasks I would add. I realised that I didn’t have a good understanding of the week ahead by doing this. Moving forward I use a weekly spread where I see the full week and also add tasks for each day. I feel more organised and by doing it this way, it saves me time and space in the notebook.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

I’m really excited with my bullet journal setup design: minimalistic with a few colour pops. Now I’m ready to regularly fill in my bullet journal. I have a feeling 2020 will be a great year.

Do you keep a bullet journal? Do you find posts like these useful? I’m toying with the idea to film my monthly setups if you’d be interested in watching. I might start on IGTV and if it goes well set up a YouTube channel. What do you think?

Jennie xx