It’s been a couple of months since I shared my first ever month in my Bullet Journal. Since May, I have kept it up every month and gradually found new things to add and others I’ve not got in to to scrap. As always, I make mistakes but September’s plan is looking really good so I thought I’d share it with you before I get started filling it all in.

I know we’re already a couple of days in to September but on Sunday was the first day I had time to do my first daily and because I only post here twice a week I do apologise for the delay.

For my September plan I use up 6 spreads in total; Month Title, Monthly Calendar, Mood Mandala, Sleep Log, Habit Tracker, Budget Tracker and Monthly Memories. The Sleep Log and Budget Tracker are new for this month and I’m excited to see how they go.

Month Title

September Plan Bullet Journal

I like having a separate page just for the month name and some kind of doodles. Last month I had an ice cream theme running but because I thought it was too soon drawing autumn leaves I drew loads of octagons in different size and colour. I like to keep the same theme throughout the monthly spreads and then mix it up in my dailies or other notes I make.

Monthly Calendar

September Calendar

I keep the calendar simple with a basic overview of events happening throughout. I split the calendar overview into three sections; All Day, Events and Blog Posts. This so I can easily see what happens on the same day.

On the right hand side I have two boxes, one for blog post ideas I have and one for things I’m waiting on. We all know as bloggers that nice products can come our way if we’re lucky and even though I try never to order things online for myself, it happens on occasion. So far for this month, I’m not waiting on anything.

I’ve migrated over the blog post ideas I had last month and also added new ideas. I’ve blurred them so you can’t steal my ideas to leave you with a little suspense. One of the posts has already gone live so I’ve made a note of which and when in my calendar view. If you fancy drooling over nice cocktails, check it out!

Mood Mandala

Mood Mandala SetupMood Mandala finished

I have seen these everywhere and I think they look so good! I love the pop of colour it brings to the bullet journal, a really nice spread to look back at. Boho Berry (the queen of bullet journaling) has a good video explaining further.

I make a ring for each day in the month, usually a dot apart. I have yet to finish lasts months but I’ve included it here to give you an idea how it’ll look in the end. I’m hoping I’ll perfect the lines and patterns better this month.

The eight moods I have chosen are; happy, sad, excited, productive, tired, stressed, relaxed and ugh! The latter is new from last month when I instead had angry but I’ve come to realise I’m very very rarely angry and even if I am, it’s not a mood which overtakes the whole day. So instead, I included ugh! as some days are just moods of nothing.

Sleep Log

Sleep Log and Habit Tracker

Again, something I’ve adapted from following Boho Berry’s “A Month in my Bullet Journal” series. I don’t have an app to actually track my sleep so I’ve cut down mine to one page only. I’ll be highlighting the hours I sleep each night and make a note if I notice something out of the ordinary (extra refreshed, full moon etc.). I’ll let you know how it goes and if I’ll continue next month again.

Habit Tracker

I don’t think anyone who owns a bullet journal also has a page set up tracking their daily habits. I’ve seen others do graphs to visualise it but for me, I like a list and then fill in the corresponding box for that day and date when the task/habit has been done. I’ve got a list I stick to each month but I also add or take away if I don’t see they serve a purpose. The black outlines for blog posts are the ideal dates when I’d like to post something. Weather I have food out or at home, I’ll be able to see where most my money goes. The same goes for alcohol, although it’s more on the list to discourage me drinking so often.

Budget Tracker

Budget Tracker

Another new feature for this month’s plan. I have stolen this idea from Amanda who first drew it up in her Bullet Journal Ideas for Students video.

I am really low on money this month so need to be extra careful with what I’m spending my pennies on. I’ve got a page earlier in my bullet journal with a list of all the bills I pay, the date they come out and how much they are and in total. This month I’m on top of that also paying off on my student loan and my credit card.

On the left hand side I’ve included what I’d like to spend in total for each category. Underneath and following on the next page I’ve expanded on each and how much I actually spend each week. I haven’t filled it all in yet as I didn’t want to share my budget with you but you can see for food shop that I’d like to keep it cheap this month and not spend more than £100. Ideally, I’d like to transfer £200 to my savings account but we’ll see what’s left at the end of the month.

The aim is to get the first and last ‘total’ box to match up. Wish me luck.

Monthly Memories

September memories

So far, this page is empty but it’s a page I like to look back to at the end of each month as it’ll be filled with events, achievements etc. at the end of it. Some months are busier than others but it’s nice to see how many things one can actually fit in during 30ish days.

I shall take pictures at the end of the month so you can all see the result of this September plan. Do you keep a Bullet Journal? If yes, what do you like to keep track of each month and how do you set up your monthly calendar?

Jennie xx