Black Christmas Jumper with Snowflakes

I love the build-up to Christmas! More so than Christmas itself. I don’t like that the shops start it before Halloween and Bonfire Night has even been but once those dates have passed, I’m all for it. It’s a big holiday so you need a lot of time to prepare for it. Here’s what I’m looking forward to this Christmas season.

Classic Christmas Jumpers

I have collected a fair few Christmas jumpers over the years and one more has been added to the collection. This year, a black jumper with two snowflakes on. It’s very subtle so perfect if you want to start wearing Christmas jumpers early without being too much in someone’s face. This is from IWOOT*, just like last year’s snowman jumper. They’ve got plenty of rude, fun, subtle and over the top Christmas jumpers to choose from. Check them out here and use ‘JENNIEXMAS’ at the checkout for 30% discount.

Black Christmas Jumper with Snowflakes IWOOT Christmas Jumper

Photos courtesy of Elouisa

Cheesy Christmas Films

The classics like The Holiday, Love Actually, Elf but also new Netflix releases that look awful but I know I’ll still watch. I wasn’t surprised to see A Christmas Prince turning into a trilogy with A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. I’m not sure I’ll extend the Christmas film watching at the cinema but Last Christmas looks alright. I love Wham and Emilia Clarke who stars in it. Emma Thompson has directed so I’m sure it’s a film you’ll walk out of the cinema with a big smile on your face.

Classy Christmas Drinks

Last year I had my first Christmas gin and tonic and I’m excited for more this year. There are loads of Christmas spiced gins out there so get involved! I’ve got M&S own brand which I mix with Fever-Tree’s clementine flavoured tonic. Delicious!

I’ve also got a gingerbread gin liquor on my drinks trolley which will be coming out again. It’s perfect on its own with a little bit of ice.

Mulled wine! Is it even Christmas without mulled wine? When I was younger I didn’t really care for it but that has changed. One glass is enough though, nothing I could drink in copious amounts.

Classic Christmas Treats

I’m not a huge fan of the Christmas food but I do like Brussels sprouts, pigs in blankets and the sweet options like gingerbread and Swedish saffron buns. Chocolate of course but all of them can be eaten any time of year. I prefer the Easter range over Christmas chocolates.

Cheery Christmas Parties

We always have a big Christmas party at work. Well, not at work, always at a fancier place, but with work colleagues.  This will be my eighth (!!!) and I never get bored of them. It’s a time to get dressed up to the teeth, enjoy a few drinks over food, games and dancing.

I also attend the yearly Christmas party with a big group of friends. We all bring Christmas food to eat and some £1 gifts for the Christmas gift game. It’s a lot of fun and nice seeing everyone together u see the same roof. Friends who have left Leeds for other opportunities come back to celebrate.

What are you looking forward to in this year’s build-up to Christmas?

Jennie xx

*PR sample. Thanks so much IWOOT for sending me yet another fabulous Christmas jumper.